sks speedrocker review

SKS Speedrocker Fender / Mudguard Review: Perfect for Gravel, CX Bikes with Disc Brakes

The growth of gravel, adventure, and commuting cycling in recent years has produced a renaissance of sorts. No, not cue sheets or wool shorts and suspenders but rather fenders, or “mudguards” as they’re known in the Commonwealth, seeing increased popularity. More new frames, even on the performance-oriented side, feature mounting points. For those of you […]

Only when we returned to pavement and the big rings came out to play did I suffer a disadvantage.

Long-Term Review: Wabi Cycles Thunder Elite Review – Single Speed Steel Versatility

“Wabi Cycles is a bicycle maker located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and shipping globally. Founded by industry veteran Richard Snook, Wabi is now run by a group of Tulsans, Jeremy, Curt and Matt. Richard remains involved in the company, and will continue to be a great resource for our customers.” – Wabi Cycles I’ve owned and ridden two […]