wtb tubeless tire sealant review

Press Release: WTB Completes TCS System with Tubeless Tire Sealant

“TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is a dependable, thoroughly-tested sealant formula that completes WTB’s patented TCS system of tubeless tires, rims, wheels, valves, tape, and sealant. WTB’s proprietary formula quickly repairs ¼” (6mm) punctures by encapsulating fibers and crystalline particles within the puncture to create a flexible, long-lasting repair. TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant uses an ammonia-free […]

riding a gravel bike on mount tamalpais

Riding Mount Tamalpais, California, on a Gravel Bike (Canyon Grizl with SRAM XPLR/Rockshox Rudy Fork)

“Mount Tamalpais known locally as Mount Tam, is a peak in Marin County, California, United States, often considered symbolic of Marin County. Much of Mount Tamalpais is protected within public lands such as Mount Tamalpais State Park, the Marin Municipal Water District watershed, and National Park Service land, such as Muir Woods.” – Wikipedia.org “Mount […]

kav sports custom helmet review

Video: KAV Sports 3D Printed Custom Bicycle Helmet

KAV’s Mission Statement “Design, engineer, and fabricate helmets that are captivating to wear. Comfortable. Cool. Sleek. Redesign helmets from the ground up to maximize protection against concussions using advanced materials, manufacturing techniques, and patented technologies. Manufacture helmets with sustainability at the forefront using net zero carbon emissions manufacturing in Redwood City, California.” KAV Helmet Personalization […]

Brooks England Scape Full Frame Bag review

Brooks England add three bags to their Scape Range: Full Frame Bag, Handlebar Case, & Feed Pouch

“Brooks England introduced their Scape range of bike travel bags last year under the simple mantra Whatever your road, a collection for touring and bikepacking featuring easy, customisable carrying options for adventures around the corner or around the globe. Today Brooks announces the expansion of the pioneering Scape range with the introduction of three new […]

bmc urs lt gravel bike review

Video: BMC URS LT – 20mm HiRide Front Suspension, 10mm Rear – Features & Tech

“Experience a new level of gravel riding. Full micro-suspension for truly limitless exploration. URS LT embodies the spirit of adventure while retaining the signature URS silhouette and class-leading performance.” – BMC Switzerland “Utilizing cutting edge bike technologies, the URS LT is designed as a one-of-a-kind high-performance blank slate that provides an adventure-proof ride to suit […]