Greffelründsche gravel around frankfurt

Greffelründsche 2020 aka “Gravel Around Frankfurt”, Germany: by Timo Rokitta

During the abbreviated gravel season for 2020, my highlight was undoubtedly the Greffelründsche (the name comes from a German dialect and means “Gravel around Frankfurt”), a 303-kilometer long gravel race around the metropolis of Frankfurt! Almost 100 riders were registered for the event, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, participation was adjusted to factor in […]

arkansas high country race results 2020

Press Release: Arkansaw High Country Race Ends with Records Broken

The 2020 Arkansaw High Country Race set new race records and pulled ultra-endurance cyclists from 10 states to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to compete in the self-supported 1,000-mile bikepacking race. Starting and ending on Fayetteville’s Historic Downtown Square, this year’s race featured a 1,017-mile looped course that took riders down some of Arkansas’s most scenic, backcountry roads, […]

belgian waffle ride cedar city report 2020

Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City, Utah 2020 – Race Day Action Photos by Ian Matteson / ENVE Composites

The inaugural edition of BWR Cedar City, Utah, was held this past weekend, Saturday, October 17. Running such a large and well-attended event during this time of Covid-19 (hopefully, one we can all look back upon in the future, FU Covid!), is a risky proposition, but we understand appropriate safety protocols were taken by the […]

salty lizard utah race report 2020

Salty and Stupid Gravel Fest, Wendover, Utah – Ride Recaps and Sharing of Feelings: by Bobby Kennedy

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” TS Eliot The Salty & Stupid Gravel Fest in Wendover, UT/West Wendover, NV happened this last weekend and it proved conclusively, that harrowing amounts of moondust and fun can coexist.  The Gravel Festival included three gravel events: the Stupid Pony 220-mile ultra race, the Salty […]