Red Granite Grinder Race report 2020

Throwback: A Snowy Edition of the Ironbull Red Granite Grinder Race: Wausau, Wisconsin

Held on October 17, 2020, a layer of snow added to the racers’ challenge at the 2nd Red Granite Grinder cycling event.  Riders began the race in downtown Wausau early in the morning with the season’s first snowfall blanketing the course. Courses were already designed to test riders’ limits and many riders were forced to end the […]

Greffelründsche gravel around frankfurt

Greffelründsche 2020 aka “Gravel Around Frankfurt”, Germany: by Timo Rokitta

During the abbreviated gravel season for 2020, my highlight was undoubtedly the Greffelründsche (the name comes from a German dialect and means “Gravel around Frankfurt”), a 303-kilometer long gravel race around the metropolis of Frankfurt! Almost 100 riders were registered for the event, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, participation was adjusted to factor in […]

arkansas high country race results 2020

Press Release: Arkansaw High Country Race Ends with Records Broken

The 2020 Arkansaw High Country Race set new race records and pulled ultra-endurance cyclists from 10 states to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to compete in the self-supported 1,000-mile bikepacking race. Starting and ending on Fayetteville’s Historic Downtown Square, this year’s race featured a 1,017-mile looped course that took riders down some of Arkansas’s most scenic, backcountry roads, […]

belgian waffle ride cedar city report 2020

Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City, Utah 2020 – Race Day Action Photos by Ian Matteson / ENVE Composites

The inaugural edition of BWR Cedar City, Utah, was held this past weekend, Saturday, October 17. Running such a large and well-attended event during this time of Covid-19 (hopefully, one we can all look back upon in the future, FU Covid!), is a risky proposition, but we understand appropriate safety protocols were taken by the […]

salty lizard utah race report 2020

Salty and Stupid Gravel Fest, Wendover, Utah – Ride Recaps and Sharing of Feelings: by Bobby Kennedy

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” TS Eliot The Salty & Stupid Gravel Fest in Wendover, UT/West Wendover, NV happened this last weekend and it proved conclusively, that harrowing amounts of moondust and fun can coexist.  The Gravel Festival included three gravel events: the Stupid Pony 220-mile ultra race, the Salty […]

2019 stupid pony report

The 2019 Stupid Pony Ride Report: Lehi, Utah to Wendover, Utah – And a wee bit of cold – by Robert Kennedy

On November 8th, 2019, fifteen of us riders and an army of enablers did something profoundly stupid and pointless: we rode across Utah’s remote West Desert on bicycles ranging from flyweight CX bikes to fully-loaded 29’er touring bikes. The inaugural Stupid Pony race/ride/informal luncheon started shortly before dawn in below-freezing temps at the Frontrunner train […]