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The Gravel Cyclist Event Calendar, powered by – Our Partner in events for the Gravelly Road Less Traveled!

The embedded calendar may take a moment or two to appear, please be patient. Additionally, the calendar may not load if an ad-blocker is present (you can whitelist this page). Remember, this is a FREE resource, but it isn’t free to own and operate.

Options to find an event include Map View, Keyword Search, Event Start Date, or Scroll through the list. Be sure to use the Scroll Bars to see more entries.

Who is Gravel Calendar? Why would we partner?

“The idea for Gravel Calendar was born in 2020 when I noticed a growing need in my local community. So I decided to get off my duff and do something about it. What started as a small website for local gravel races soon was serving a much larger community. Gravel Calendar now has thousands of visitors per day and acts as a centralized hub for events all over the world.  I feel passionate about connecting those who love gravel riding. ” – Connor, Founder, Gravel Calendar

“At this point, Gravel Calendar is a one-man show. When I’m not working (at my day job or on the website), you can find me out on the trails, drinking too much espresso, or trying to encourage my dog to pitch in and get a job.”

This sounds familiar. For those unaware, Gravel Cyclist is pretty much a one-person show. Like Connor, the Founder of Gravel Cyclist, JOM, works a 40-hour a week job, in addition to other obligations that go hand in hand with real world life; if you’re a home-owner, you know exactly what we are talking about. There was a time when we hosted our own Calendar on Gravel Cyclist, but in the desire to provide quality content, something had to give, and this is where our partnership with Connor of Gravel Calendar was born. Thank you, Connor.


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      Because it hasn’t been submitted. The events calendar doesn’t submit entries itself. You know what to do.

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