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Thanks for stopping by! These routes are not for redistribution on any other website. Most link to RidewithGPS but blatant copying of routes created by Gravel Cyclist to another website will be treated as a copyright violation. To those good folks who love to ride the gravelly road less traveled, please enjoy, but do refrain from creating countless copies of these routes on RidewithGPS. Download the original, go ride but please give appropriate credit!

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If you choose to ride any of these routes, be thankful for the work that went into creating them. In terms of the Gainesville area routes, they were established over a period of 15+ years, and in many cases, JOM of Gravel Cyclist has established relationships with local landowners. Please respect these roads, respect those who live on them, and be a good person.

This isn’t a list of every route we have ever ridden, far from it, but this page will feature some of the fixture routes in the USA home base of Gravel Cyclist HQ, Gainesville, Florida. Additional Florida routes are linked below including other states. More routes will be added over time.

For those routes that were not designed by Gravel Cyclist, appropriate credit is given. Please remember you ride these routes at your own risk. Gravel Cyclist LLC is in no way responsible for your safety and well-being every time you kit up and go ride any of these roads on the gravelly road less traveled. We accept route submissions for this page if you are so inclined, feel free to drop us a line!


  • Agoura Hills (Los Angeles Area)
  • Carrizo Plain National Monument
  • Central Coast (Paso Robles)
  • Colusa County (west of Williams)
  • Santa Cruz
  • More coming soon!


  • Avon Park, Clermont, Orlando, Zephyr Hills, Dade City
  • Gainesville (home to the Gravel Cyclist crew, riding on the gravelly roads less travelled since 2006).
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • High Springs, Florida
  • More coming soon!


  • Dahlonega
  • Covington
  • Helen
  • Hillsboro
  • Irwinton
  • Madison
  • Penfield (close to Athens)
  • Woodbury
  • More coming soon!


Heltonville Area

Charles’ Dream Route 88km / 55 miles: Plenty of elevation over the course of 55 miles / 88 kms

Map Link

Designer – Unknown

Heltonville Area

Leavenworth almost 100 Miles: Almost 100 miles, route designed by Unknown, slight modifications to start and end in Leavenworth by JOM of Gravel Cyclist

Map Link

Designer – Unknown

New Washington

GCX New Washington: Mixed-Surface route taking in New Washington and Hanover, Indiana. Lovely views of the Ohio River later in the route. Approximately 20% to 25% gravel roads on this route.

Map Link – Video

Modified from the original route here.

Designer – Runkorte / JOM


Visit the excellent Ohio Gravel Grinders website for everything Ohio!


Visit the excellent Dirty Freehub website for everything Oregon!


Hickman County

East Hickman Mixed-Surface: Almost 40 miles of fun over mixed-surfaces in East Hickman County. The route is a variant of one of‘s shorter rides from their adventure series.

Plenty of climbing and fun descending, but do be mindful of loose dogs. There are many along the course. Be sure to check out (Gosh Darn Gravel Grinder).

Map Link – Video

Designer – JOM


  • Gainesville
  • Palestine



Haymarket VA Gravel Ramble: Mixed-Surface route starting in Haymarket, heads towards Middleburg, Virginia, and more. Can easily be extended or shortened. 53 miles / 85kms.

Map Link – Video

Designer – JOM

Middleburg (Loudoun County)

Leesburg VA Gravel Funfest: Mixed-Surface route starting in Leesburg, travels through Waterford, optional stop in Taylorstown, optional visit to Brunswick (Maryland), Lovettsville, Purcellville, and back into Leesburg. The route can easily be extended or shortened. 66 miles / 107kms

Map Link – Video

Designer – JOM

Leesburg (Loudoun County)

Middleburg VA Gravel Exploro: Mixed-Surface route starting in Middleburg, heads towards the outskirts of Purcelville, back towards Round Hill, Airmont, Unison, and more. Route can easily be extended or shortened. Store stop options near Purcelville (off course) and Round Hill. 63 miles / 100kms

Ashburn (Loudoun County) from the Ashburn Metro Station

Waterford Lollipop (Map Link):

  • Mixed-Surface route starting at the Ashburn Metro Station. Heads to Leesburg via Ashburn Road & the W&OD Trail. Old Waterford Road & Clover Hill Road lollipop & return. Route design by our friends at VeloPigs Beer & Social Club.

Old Waterford 45 (Map Link):

  • Mixed-Surface route starting at the Ashburn Metro Station. Old Waterford Rd to Clover Hill Rd loop, then Hurley Ln to Canby Rd loop. W&OD and Ashburn Rd return to Ashburn Metro. Route design by our friends at VeloPigs Beer & Social Club.

Ashburn 35 (Map Link):

  • Mixed-Surface route starting at the Ashburn Metro Station to Mountain Road via Brambleton. Route design by our friends at VeloPigs Beer & Social Club.

Ashburn 50 (Map Link):

  • Mixed-Surface route starting at the Ashburn Metro Station to Bull Run via Brambleton. Route design by our friends at VeloPigs Beer & Social Club.

GCX Ashburn Original (Map Link):

  • A variant of the route ridden by JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew in this video – not necessarily recommended due to some of the paved roads being a wee bit busy depending on time of day, etc.
More routes / videos coming…

Additional States Coming later!