J Guillem Atalaya Titanium Gravel Bike Review: With FSA WE Semi-Wireless Drivetrain!

j guillem atalaya review

“It was Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas’ passion for riding that eventually led to him designing bicycles. And 20 years ago, starting from scratch in his garage, he began turning his passion into reality; developing Van Nicholas into a universally respected brand.” – JGuillem.com

j guillem atalaya review

“In time, Jan left the company and moved with his family from Holland to Mallorca. For its scenery, culture, and beautiful climate. But also because of its stunningly smooth, undulating roads so suited to cycling. On which over the spring and summer months, and after thousands of kilometres riding solo as well as with new-found friends, Jan’s passion for designing bikes once more consumed him.”

j guillem atalaya review

J Guillem Atalaya – “The Smoothest Ride Even Off-Road”

“The Atalaya is as beautiful to ride as it is to behold. But it also attracts looks because it is built to do the business.”

j guillem atalaya review

“With its ability to accommodate most 700c x 45mm and 27.5″ x 2.1″ tyres (w/o mudguards), the Atalya Gravel is the frame for riders who want everything. It’s elegant, clean lines are accentuated and strengthened by the addition of pre-cast components, centred around a one-piece bottom bracket-chain stay system.”

j guillem atalaya review

“The head tube is also cast and allows for full internal cable routing compatible with both mechanical and di2 cables. And fully-cast, titanium drop outs allow for Flat Mount Disc Brake System, with thru-axles. The Atalaya is our state-of-the-art, do-it-all, go-anywhere machine with a super versatility that doesn’t look out of place however you use it: with mudguards and a small rack, or stripped of all its fixtures for use as a pure gravel bike.”

j guillem atalaya review
Somewhere in Alabama

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew has put the J Guillem Atalaya through review wringer over the space of many months. Ridden in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Alabama, in good and bad weather, all manner of good and bad road surfaces were also traversed. Way beyond the realm of your average parking lot / gravel path bike review!

j guillem atalaya review
Pre-Riding Barry Roubaix Psycho Killer Course

This bike was assembled with FSA’s unique WE semi-wireless electronic drivetrain, watch for that review soon.

j guillem atalaya review

J Guillem Atalaya Review Video

J Guillem –  Lindarets (USA Importer of J Guillem)

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  1. Avatar Stephen

    27.5×2.6″ (65-584) seems like an enormously wide tyre with anything resembling a road crankset given others can only manage 57-60mm tops, and 2.1″/54mm is way more common. Is this actually correct and if so with what cranks and chainline? I assume 1x only or the chain and FD would definitely be hitting the tyre; 2.6″/65mm looks like a typo to me…

    • Stephen,
      You’re right: with it’s super short 420mm chainstays and road cranksets, the Atalaya will accommodate 700x43mm or 27.5×2.1in tires with the industry standard 6mm of clearance. It will *not* accept 27.5×2.6in tires.

    • JOM JOM

      Oops on my part, I copied a few details from the J Guillem site when I was preparing the review, this one slipped through the cracks into the video as well. Thanks for pointing this one out Stephen. Edit made.

  2. Thanks JOM!

    Great video and I think that you nailed what the Atalaya is about. It’s a unique and beautifully detailed frame and I’d encourage anyone interested to watch right through to the end.

    A quick note about availability for anyone interested: at the moment (mid November 2020) frame availability is tight everywhere and J.Guillem is no exception. We’re ordering everything we can get our hands on but some popular sizes and components are scarce and will be into spring. If you don’t see a side, drivetrain, or wheelset that you’d like listed please contact us for expected availability dates.

    Thanks again JOM!


  3. Avatar Stephen

    The J Guillem site says 2.6″, but seeing the Open Wi.De maxes out at 60mm with 1x only I was having trouble seeing how things could fit. ~55-57mm actual width can be done with 2x and road cranks (just), but 65mm? (I can see it with 150+mm Q factor cranks, but was hoping there was some magic involved.)

  4. Avatar Dom

    Hi Jom,
    Great review as always.
    Can you tell, what would be the Main difference to a lynskey gr 260, pro, or the t labs.
    Overall, Ride quality, durability and longterm feelings.
    Thanks alot.
    Appraciate your expertise alot.

  5. Avatar Ron

    I really like the unique design features. The cast bits are much classier than anything else in ti that I’ve seen out there. In terms of weight and geometry I might still give the nod to T-Lab or NO 22, however.

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