VIDEO REVIEW: XeNTiS Kappa2 650b / 27.5″ Carbon 4-Spoke Wheelset – Handmade in Austria

According to Xentis, the Kappa2 650b / 27.5″ carbon 4-spoke wheelset is durable for cross country mountain biking, but light for marathon use. The 650 / 27.5″ wheel size has long been associated with mountain bikes, but over the past few years, the size has gained significant momentum and acceptance among gravel bike manufacturers and riders. We’ve had our eyes on the Xentis Kappa2 wheelset for some time, especially after it underwent some nice improvements during 2017.

xentis kappa2 650b 27. wheelset review

The Kappa2 wheelset is unlike anything else on the market for mountain or gravel bikes. Its non-traditional look may not appeal to everybody, but this wheelset is fast and lightweight, and easily on par in terms of weight with many other high-end wheelsets. Xentis isn’t a household name in the United States, but they’ve been in the wheel business for a long time, once providing wheels to the likes of former German professional road team, T-Mobile.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew took receipt of the Kappa2 wheels in late May of 2018. Since that time, JOM has racked up a ton of training miles on the Kappa2’s, and most recently, raced them at the 2018 Gravel Worlds race in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Xentis – Next Generation Wheels

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  1. Avatar Ken

    It seems a bit incongruous that such an advanced design does not incorporate center lock mounts for discs. Any insight on why?

    • JOM JOM

      The wheelset has been around for a couple of years, at least in 26″ form. So, maybe they’ve got a stock of 6-bolt hubs to clear out first?

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