Lady Gravel Cyclist: From Newbie to 100-Mile Mixed-Surface Ride in 9 Weeks! ?

first time century female cyclist

Circa middle of July 2021, the Lady Gravel Cyclist was completely new to the world of cycling. LGC has an athletic background but started at ground zero, and began her cycling journey on a humble indoor trainer.

first time century female cyclist
Focused riding a loose sand sector

On the trainer, LGC learned basics such as shifting gears, simulated climbing, and clipless pedals. Around the middle of November 2021, LGC headed outside for her first ride on clipless pedals, and from there, she has blossomed.

first time century female cyclist
LGC’s smile the moment she cracked 100 miles

Within a few weeks, she joined a group ride (2021 Tour de Farmland), weeks six to seven she had built enough stamina to ride 60 to 70 miles per ride, and by week eight, she knocked out an 85-mile solo mixed-surface ride. LGC was more than ready to conquer the tonne, 100 miles / 160kms on mixed-surface roads.

In this video, LGC joins JOM for a 105+ mile / 170km mixed-surface ride that took place on Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Gainesville, Florida. You’ll be seeing more of the Lady Gravel Cyclist in the future, with her own special edition kit coming soon 🙂

Additional Photos

cycling 100 miles for the first time

riding a century for the first time
Pop Tarts, the snack of Champions!

riding a century for the first time

riding a century for the first time

first time century female cyclist

first time century female cyclist
Post ride beers to celebrate!

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