VIDEO REVIEW: Litespeed ULTIMATE Gravel Bike – USA-Made Titanium!

“Race bike agility, pack stability, climbs and descends with ease, and yes, aerodynamics – the Ultimate do-it-all gravel bike. We’ve even added vertical compliance using tubular, aero, titanium tubes as subtle springs. The Ultimate Gravel is our lightest and most aerodynamic gravel bike offering.” –

litespeed ultimate gravel titanium bike review

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew has been riding and racing the Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike for several months. The bike has appeared at events such as unPAved, 3G Georgia Gravel Grinduro, and the entire length of the C&O trail out of Washington D.C. Additionally, it has served JOM well for many, many training miles on his local, and not so local gravel roads.

Featuring standards such as a tapered carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes, thru-axles for 12mm x 100mm front and 142 x 12mm rear, and capped off by Shimano Ultegra Di2 and parts by Easton / Praxis, this Litespeed is a pretty sweet build.

litespeed ultimate gravel titanium bike review

How did JOM like the Litespeed Ultimate Gravel? How about riding it with 650b or 700c wheels? JOM covers these topics and more in the review video.

Check out the Ultimate Gravel and more by visiting Litespeed Titanium

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  1. Avatar James

    a little bit smaller bike seems to work well for you. Do you encounter problems with toe overlap?

    • JOM JOM

      James, I think I’ve only experienced the issue on one of my personal CX bikes.

  2. Avatar Ron

    That is the size M frame? Do you have any idea what frame and fork weights are?

  3. Avatar Ron

    Ah, I see 1,341 grams for a M on their website.

    • JOM JOM

      I also mentioned it in the video 😉

  4. Avatar Jeff

    And the big question…Lynskey or Litespeed?

    • Avatar Jeff Holland

      I have the Lynskey Pro GR. LOVE it. The only downside is it’s a bit heavy for the frame (4.1lb for the frame and rear thru axle). Loose a couple pounds off your gut, though, and it’s not an issue. Also, the Lynskey has room room for tires (up to 700×45). And the price is pretty attractive.

      The Litespeed does look sweet, though. I’d be very happy with it I’d say. The one downside is a max 700×38 tire might be a tad small should DK200 be in your future.

      My opinion: If you aren’t going to race DK200 and money is not an issue, go with the Litespeed. Slightly more aero, slightly better build quality, better hose/housing routing. If you are going to race DK200, and/or you are on a budget, Lynskey. Hope that helps.

      • Avatar Vitaliy

        From Litespeed website : tire clearance up to 45 mm with 700c or up to 2.0 with 650b.

        I have Lynskey PRO GR on order, which was supposed to ship last week (still not, unfortunetely). And while I don’t have it yet neither seen one in person, I would agree cable routing on GR is internal from head tube to bottom bracket. From bottom bracket to rear derailleur cable routing is external. Brakes hoses are all external.. Frame weight is about pound more, haven’t seen neither one is hard to comment on build or ride quality. Jom is the only one who can vouch on that.
        But the price… right now GR PRO is $1880 for frame, fork, cane creek 110 headset and Titanium seat post, Ultimate is $3499 frame alone!! Over 2K for 1 pound weight savings, ouch

        • Avatar Jeff

          The video mentioned 700×38 for the Litespeed tire clearance, but that’s great if it’s 45. Unless the routing has changed on the Pro GR since I got mine a year ago, it’s all external routing (although it’s pretty clean looking as it’s on the bottom of the downtube).

  5. Avatar Vitaliy

    Maybe it’s specific just for DI2, but I was told by Lynskey that e-tube cables and junction box are internal from bars to bottom bracket.
    I’m curious how ride quality is between Ultimate and GR PRO .

    • Avatar Jeff

      That’s true for Di2, not for mechanical housing however.

  6. Avatar Vitaliy

    My buddy received his GR PRO yesterday, was very disappointed. 2019 design looks nothing like 2017/18/. Triangle tubes replaced with diamond shape, helix rear triangle is gone. Fender and rack mounts are gone too. Newer fork is 12mm TA, not 15mm

    • JOM JOM

      I contacted Lynskey a while ago when I got wind of the PRO GR changes, and the new GR270 model. Unfortunately, I’ve heard nothing from them :(. At the very least, I hope the tyre clearance remains with the rear triangle? Definitely not a fan of 12mm thru-axle on the front wheel. Manufacturers never listen. They are limiting the choices of their customers, because unless you acquire different end caps / spacers / axles, etc, you’re missing out on some sweet 15mm thru-axle MTB wheel options, especially for 650b!

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