VIDEO REVIEW: ENVE Composites G27 650b Wheelset Review – The Big Volume Tire Gravel Wheelset

“The G27 is the G23’s little big brother. Smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, the G27 is designed for the higher volume tires demanded by many riders on rougher and looser terrain. At 320 grams, our lightest tubeless rim is 27mm wide and designed for tires marked 27.5 or 650B.” – ENVE Composites

enve g27 650b review

Armed against pinch flats with the patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead, the G27 is at home off-road and capable on tamer stretches of singletrack.” – ENVE

enve g27 650b review

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew puts the G27 wheels through his long-term review process. Whilst he didn’t race them, they served as his wheels for many miles of training in the Southeastern United States.

ENVE Composites

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  1. Avatar Bike Nerd

    I really like the i27mm rim width. This seems like the ideal rim width for 40-50mm tires. Wide enough to give the tires big volume with low pressures but avoid floppiness. However, the Enve’s are more than a bit outside my price range. I wonder if there are some similar but more affordable aluminum Gravel wheels with an i27 width?

  2. Avatar John

    Did you notice a difference in handling going from a 700c wheelset to the 650B?

    • JOM JOM

      Affirmative, smaller wheels, assuming they are light, accelerate faster and handle nicely in tight situations at low speed. In terms of regular riding, not so much… the 650’s could ride harsher due to their smaller circumference, but because the 650b tyres are generally wider, lower pressure mitigates that point. 700c steamrolls over bumps better. It’s nice having both sizes to play with.

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