VIDEO REVIEW: Industry Nine Ultralite CX 235 TRA 700c Wheelset – Suitable for Gravel & CX!

Industry Nine are manufacturers of aesthetically engineered bicycle wheelsets for most disciplines of cycling. Handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, employees of the company are machinists, makers and cyclists.

industry nine ultralite cx 235 tra wheelset review

Perhaps the best all-around wheelset in the Industry Nine TRA (Torch Road Alloy) range is the Ultralite CX 235 TRA. This wheelset answered the demand for a wheelset that went beyond the scope of the company’s current disc brake road wheels. The TRA performs in a space where a tarmac-focused wheelset might be overmatched, but a mountain wheelset would be overkill. Ideal scenarios for the TRA line-up would be in the CX start grid, fast moving, light-duty off-road explorations, or hammering out long days on Forest Service roads.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew took collection of these wheels in early June of 2018. Since that time, he’s ridden a ton of training miles on them, and naturally, put them through their paces at a gravel race, namely the inaugural 3G Georgia Gravel Grinduro.

Industry Nine Wheelsets and Components

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  1. Avatar stephen

    HEY JOM..Great Wheels..rode them in the D2R2 and unPaved with Panaracer Graveling SK 35’s..wheels are flawless and their customer service is second to none..Superb company to support.

  2. Avatar Ben

    FWIW, I’ve used i9 wheelsets with their proprietary spokes for years and every wheelset I’ve purchased came with two spare spokes.

    • JOM JOM

      Good to know… there’s a possibility the spare spokes came with my review wheelset, but they may have gone walkabout during the period of review.

  3. Avatar Joey Brown

    Hey JOM – Great review of the excellent I9 wheel set. I just wanted to point out these hubs have only 60 pts of engagement. The I9 MTB hubs certainly do have 120. I9 makes some of the very best hubs and complete wheels available. Bonus they’re made in the USA ??

    • JOM JOM

      Oops, thanks Joey for the heads up. I will amend the blurb that accompanies the video / article. Heck yeah to USA made!

  4. Avatar Don Beilke

    Jom, I noticed you had different disc brakes at the end of your video as compared to the pics of the tires on your Lynskey. Any particular reason?

    • JOM JOM

      Don, I rode the wheels on a Lynskey and a Litespeed. If you’re talking about the brake rotors, I swap these around often, no particular reason really. It’s a bit random around here at times!

  5. Avatar J MTB

    Your videos inspired to me go with lynskey pro gr with this wheel set. Great work keep it up.

  6. Avatar Vitaliy

    This or Mavic Crossmax Carbon Pro..?
    JOM, have you tested/ridden Mavic Crossmax Carbons? Do you have an opinion on them? Found pretty decent deal, can get them almost at half price of industry nine wheelset.

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