VIDEO: JOM’s gravel bike for the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200!

The 2018 Dirty Kanza 200 is just under a week away, at the time this article was posted. It’s pretty well known I’m a tinkerer, and I like to utilize review products during my gravel training rides and races. Thus, I thought it a good idea to share my bike setup for the 2018 edition of the race.

Links to reviews mentioned in this video:

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  1. Avatar Chris Levins

    Hi JOM, great video! Love seeing your gear choices. It wasn’t really clear regarding the wheel size you will be using at DK200. Will you be using 650b as seen on your bike or 700c as shown as backup wheels?
    Thanks and good luck!

    • JOM JOM

      Hey Chris… the Xentis wheels in the video are 650b, but on race day, I’ll be running Enve’s new wheelset, which is 700c. Sorry for the confusion. I really wish I could have shown the Enve’s, but they are embargoed for a few more days. As for my backup mud wheels / tyres, they are 700c.


  2. Avatar CitizenAZ

    Great video, what is the finish on the Lynskey Pro ?, I’m considering a Lynskey for my next frame. But trying to decide whether to spend bucks on upgrading the finish.

  3. Avatar Guy Hummel

    Excited to hear the details of the DK and the performance of the Lynskey Pro GR. When can we expect a follow-up?

    • JOM JOM

      Guy, I’m working on the race report now… the bike performed flawlessly! Race video coming soon as well.

  4. Avatar Bill Greene

    Thanks for all the details about the bike. Here is an off-the-wall question: what kind of
    rack is that on the top of your Porsche?

    • JOM JOM

      Bill, it is a Sea Sucker Talon rack, I will be posting a review of it soon. Its biggest value thus far, is for carrying a bike on rental cars during trips.

  5. Avatar Bill Greene

    Thanks, I’ll look forward to seeing the review.

  6. Avatar Guy Hummel

    Have you put 28c tires on the Pro GR? I’m considering replacing my road bike with the Pro GR and curious on your thoughts riding with road wheels. I viewed your T-Lab X3 review and it sounds like a great option for me, but the cost is too high. Any insight?


  7. Avatar Chris

    Hey JOM, is the 46/30 with 11-32 your recommended gear combo for DK200?

    Thank you!

    • JOM JOM

      Chris, that’s the combo I used in 2018, and will likely use it again in 2019. At the very least, I’ll run a 46/34 with an 11-32 for sure.

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