Lending Teammates and Friends a Helping Hand (Not Really)

In this video, the Gravel Cyclist crew demonstrates how to lend a hand to teammates and friends… not really.

lending teammates a hand
In some countries, this activity could qualify as elder abuse.

From the Single Reverse Shoulder Sling to the Reverse Team Time Trial, these training techniques are guaranteed to win friends and influence people in your local cycling community!*

* = This video was filmed in the name of fun and jest and nobody was harmed. Remember, this video isn’t meant to be taken seriously so negative comments aren’t required 🙂 Enjoy!

Thank you to GoPro for supplying the Hero 7 Black cameras that captured all of the POV footage in this video.

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  1. Avatar Beargrease

    With regard to the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock I have to say…

    White Rabbits on bikes! Farking far out man! Grace Slick would approve.

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