Garmin Edge 830 Review – Part One – Navigation, Climb Pro, Water Test, Profiles, In the Box

Garmin is arguably the leader in computers designed for one’s bicycle. Ever since the release of the venerable Garmin 705, the company has strived to improve usability, functionality and reliability with each new model. In the case of the Garmin Edge 830, there are ton of standout features jammed into a small package.

garmin edge 830 review

Navigation, Touch Screen, Dynamic Performance Monitoring, Climb Pro, Group Messaging and Tracking, a Mountain Biking model that supports Trailforks are a few of the features on offer. To review every single feature in a video would take considerable time, thus, I’ve cut Part One down to the features I rely on the most for riding on gravel and mixed-surface roads.

garmin edge 830 review

In my Part One review, I unbox the Garmin 830 and show what’s included, then cover Activity Profiles, Navigation, Climb Pro and a Water Test. More coming later in Part Two!

Link to Garmin Varia RTL510 Review

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  1. Avatar Paul S.

    I’ve had an 820 for about 3 years, and I hate the touch screen about as much as everyone else, which is quite a lot. I’m interested in upgrading to a 530, but I was wondering how the button navigation of menus is. No one I know locally has got one, including folks at the LBSs. I know the 530 isn’t the focus of this review, but I’m hoping JOM or some readers here comment on going from a Garmin touchscreen back to a button-controlled unit…


    • JOM JOM

      I plan to post the 520 Plus later, which is now superseded but still available. Arguably one of the most underrated computers on the market. I don’t understand all of the hate for the touch screen, I’ve been sold on it ever since I started using the 1030.

      • Avatar Paul S.

        Sounds good! I look forward to that review as well.

        Did you ever try the 820 specifically? It’s the only touch screen bike computer I’ve owned, so I can’t say first hand, but from what I’ve read, the touchscreen performance on it was WAY worse than any other computer of the time. Some software updates allegedly made it better than it was at launch, but poor hardware choices kept it from ever being decent.

  2. Give up on Garmin. I fought with them for years to get working unit. 820 never worked properly. Buttons on 520 are terribly arranged. Whahoo and others are much better

    • JOM JOM

      This review is about the 830, not the 520 or the 820. That said, you’re welcome to post comments on this site. I will say, I don’t understand why people take the opportunity to bash manufacturers on reviews like mine, any time they have a negative experience. Personally, I believe no other device can touch Garmin’s navigation / mapping capabilities, screen clarity and integration with products like the Varia radar taillight – that one product alone is a huge game changer and I never ride without it.

      • Avatar TimG

        Keep doing what you’re doing, I appreciate all the work you do.

  3. Avatar SpeedyChix

    Concur…mystery about bashing older known product/issues. The 530/830 are VAST improvements over any prior Garmin Edge units and they work fantastic. The touch screen of the 830 is better than the 800 and 1030. Screen is brighter as well. I’d buy it again w/o hesitation.

    • Avatar Paul S.

      I appreciate that perspective, SpeedyChix! I might still opt for the 530, just due to the lower price point, but good to know that the 830 is a big improvement.

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