What I Carry on my Gravel Bike Rides: Short, Long & Really Long!

what to carry on your gravel bike

I’ve been asked many times, what do I carry for every gravel bike ride, or how about the rides where you go long, or really long?

what to carry on your gravel bike

There are three configurations closely related to the description of this video. For every ride, the saddlebag always accompanies me, and likely with some food stashed into the rear pockets of my jersey, or a gel or two stashed into the gripper of my bib shorts (free space!)

Video: What I Carry on my Gravel Bike Rides

For longer rides, I add a top tube Bento type box (see everything listed below and in the video), or a bag that attaches behind the handlebar / alongside the stem. KaiVenture Bags is my choice for that position.

what to carry on your gravel bike

Finally, if I’m going really long, I will add something like the Revelate Designs Jerrycan to the bike, but I am exploring some additional options soon, including the carbon fibre X1 rack system by Tailfin.cc

what to carry on your gravel bike

Links of Interest / Items mentioned in this video (there’s a lot!)

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Tic rides with a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a huge hotter knife…and still kicked our arses.
    I’m just sayin.

    • JOM JOM

      Tic isn’t a normal human. Also, he likely had about 8,000 calories in that shoulder bag.

  2. Avatar Stephen

    Fun segment..and many thanks for the comprehensive and very useful list and sites.

    cheers and stay healthy

  3. Avatar Thomas Craney

    Really useful thanks Jom

  4. Avatar Larry Brenize

    JOM I can’t remember if it was here or over at Riding Gravel. Does Grannygear post here or have you or anybody here done a light review? I need to get a new light.

    • JOM JOM

      Who the heck is Granny Gear? Larry, I linked my light reviews at the bottom of this article… the big list… thanks.

  5. JOM – thanks for bringing the Tubolito inner tubes to my attention. They will be going into my kit bag (and hopefully rarely used!)

  6. For us we have three considerations: is it an area with goat heads, then you add in an extra bottle of sealant. (They can put 100 spikes in your tires so fast!). And how remote are we going. We often ride places for four hours and see absolutely nobody and phones don’t work so then more back ups and TWO Inreach devices so we can talk to each other. The final is how many people are going. Because now we can have “group gear”. …. but we are always thinking backups, double backups. Everyone has navigation and tubeless tires or else they don’t ride with me.

  7. Avatar Maples

    Microstove and a kettle for a cup of tea

  8. Avatar Joe

    Is there an advantage of using 2 computers on a bicycle ? Thanks,

    • JOM JOM

      Personal preference. I like to have one showing stats, the other mapping and navigation.

  9. Avatar Rincon

    Seems like no one carries even the most rudimentary first aid kit.

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