VIDEO: An inside look at a Ritchey Breakaway Titanium Gravel Travel Bike (aka a CX bike)

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew gives you an inside look at his personal Ritchey Breakaway Titanium Gravel Travel Bike – aka a cyclocross bike.

This bike is well proven at events such as Almanzo 100, Crusher in the Tushar and the Taiwan King of the Mountain Challenge! The video also covers the S&S case JOM uses to transport his bike when flying.

Link to reviews referenced in this video:

SRAM eTap on Gravel Part 2  – can be seen here.

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  1. Avatar Sven de Lagg

    How many bikes do you own?, LoL….
    Mrs de Lagg doesn’t get the N+1 gig

    Great vid, btw

    • JOM JOM

      N+1 is the best rule ever… especially when you don’t have a Mrs JOM keeping tabs… but, my lady is supportive of what I do 🙂

  2. Avatar larry brenize

    Not being the downhill specialist I probably will never own another gravel bike unless it has hydro brakes on it. Nice concept though. Do they make a break away bike that is hydro?

  3. Avatar David

    Hi JOM,
    somewhen I read about the “normal” Swiss Cross with cantilever brakes that the fork tends to vibrate when breaking more intensely. Have you experiences any of this brake shudder with the cantis on the Break-Away carbon fork?
    Do you know the frameset’s weight? You write in another article that it’s considerably lighter than the steel version. Could you quantify that? I would like to know if it makes sense to chase a titanium version or if maybe the steel version will do as well.

  4. Avatar Martin

    WHAT!? How did you get a Ritchey Breakaway Ti bike? I only know of Holland bikes in San Diego making a licensed version (and ~$10,000 built).

    • JOM JOM

      Ritchey used to make them… I scored the last 54cm variant ever made 🙂

  5. Avatar Martin

    I’m going for an S&S coupled Ti frame. They pack a bit smaller and meet the size restrictions of all airlines, whereas the Ritchey case is technically oversized for some carriers (like United, if I remember correctly). It’s very difficult to select a frame maker as I’m really looking for a serious road bike where carbon is an extremely well suited material. Anyway, your bike is awesome. Bringing your own bike with you, riding in new places and meeting new people, is a real pleasure in life.

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