VIDEO: 2017 Crusher in the Tushar – Beaver, Utah – The Gravel Race at Altitude

July 8, 2017 marked the 7th running of Crusher in the Tushar, a gravel race held in the Tushar mountains near Beaver, Utah. Making this event unique is the high altitude and prevalence of extended climbing, which arguably makes Crusher in the Tushar one of the hardest gravel races on the planet, despite being 70 miles / 112 kilometres in length.

JOM and the Gravel Cyclist crew of Mr and Mrs K-Dogg flew in from Gainesville, Florida to contest the event… from sea level with no acclimatization. Yikes! JOM’s race report can be seen HERE.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Avatar Beargrease

    JOM, great video. You were really moving on those descents! 40+ mph?

    • JOM JOM

      Beargrease, close to 40mph at a few points, but I couldn’t let the bike run loose. The washboard was very bad, and I was rolling 700c x 35mm tyres… if I had wider and better brakes (I was riding Canti’s), I could have gone faster, at least on the straightaways. The corners were very rutted and extremely loose.

  2. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Yeah, me too JOM. I could have gone MUCH faster with tires 5mm wider! Probably 41 mph.
    That’s the ticket! 🙂

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