Nikolaus Gravel Ride 2020

Nikolaus Gravel Ride 2020, Germany: The Mud Edition – by Timo Rokitta

At the end of 2020, when only a few gravel events took place, the organizers of the Nibelungen gravel ride invited riders to their traditional “Nikolaus Gravel Ride”. However, the weather conditions were not suitable to encourage mass participation. But, 12 hardy, weatherproof and water-resistant gravel riders came to the start in Worms (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). […]

Greffelründsche gravel around frankfurt

Greffelründsche 2020 aka “Gravel Around Frankfurt”, Germany: by Timo Rokitta

During the abbreviated gravel season for 2020, my highlight was undoubtedly the Greffelründsche (the name comes from a German dialect and means “Gravel around Frankfurt”), a 303-kilometer long gravel race around the metropolis of Frankfurt! Almost 100 riders were registered for the event, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, participation was adjusted to factor in […]