VIDEO: The 2016 L’Eroica Experience: Part Four – The Ride Video – The White Roads of Tuscany

Sunday, October 2, 2016. JOM (Aussie), K-Dogg and Mrs K-Dogg flew across the pond (that’s the Atlantic Ocean for those not in the know) from the USA to attend the 20th Anniversary edition of L’Eroica.

Check out JOM’s ride report HERE – and, Part One and Part Two of the L’Eroica experience along with galleries of the sweet vintage road bikes we spotted at the event – Bikes Part OneBikes Part Two – More L’Eroica bikes coming soon!

Please enjoy 2016 L’Eroica from the camera perspective of JOM and K-Dogg, in the beauty of High Definition, with the option of 60 frames per second – HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. This video has inspired great admiration for what Mr. and Mrs. K-Dogg and JOM have accomplished and the event they experienced. Returning to toe clips, cleated shoes, and a 39 tooth small ring does not (currently) exists as a part of my Gravel Cycling passion. Even though I can’t imagine riding without fixed cleats, a compact crank, and a carbon frame this video has given me something else, cycling related, to think about

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      Glad you enjoyed it Rusty. Somehow the wool, frustrating pedals and 42 X 28 max gearing
      gave me a real taste and appreciation for what the racers of this era had to overcome.
      Eating prosciutto, local bread and exotic cheeses was quite enjoyable compared to the sweet bars we normally pack. I drew the line at wine and cigarettes.

      • JOM JOM

        I indulged in the Chianti vino. The good was simply amazing – and delicious.

  2. Avatar Steve F LAGG

    K Dogg,
    There’s an Italian cycling club in Melbourne Australia that hold regular rides on classic bikes and also indulge in the gourmet refreshments of their Homeland…..while the rest of us worry about what gel or sports drinks we should or shouldn’t use, I know who enjoys their cycling the most!

    • JOM JOM

      Nice share Steve! And for visitors to the ItaloCycling site, Aussies specify the date in military format… dd/mm/yy.

      Useless fact, I dig 24 hour time.

  3. Avatar Luca

    Fantastic video. Glad you enjoyed your experience in Italy, where I live, as I like your race and tour reports on your home gravel roads.

    • JOM JOM

      Grazie Luca! I need to return to Italy in the future and ride again but with a regular gravel bike.

      • Avatar Luca

        Then I would suggest Alessandria area (Coppi birth places) or Cesenatico area (Pantani birth places).
        For both fantastic landscapes, white roads, food, wine and deep cycling culture.
        I forgot to thank you for sharing all your cycling experiences

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