VIDEO: California Gravel Cycling! Riding the Rumble in the Ranchlands Course, Mariposa County

Rumble in the Ranchlands was an event held on April 8th, 2018, hosted by SuperPro Racing. “Remote river valleys and long, long dirt downhills take you back into the Sierra foothills where the Yosemite River spills out from Yosemite National Park. We worm our way deep, deep into the ranchlands of Mariposa and beyond. Big vistas and dirt roads all day long will bring you back to your country roots. Gravel, decomposed granite and cows galore can be yours on this 70-mile adventure through the backcountry”.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew road the 50ish mile loop portion of the course on April 21, 2018, seeking a break from the madness of Sea Otter in Monterey, California. This video emphasizes the marvelous scenery in the area, on roads that are virtually traffic free. There’s also one or two lessons to be learned from the video…

SuperPro Racing

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8 comments on “VIDEO: California Gravel Cycling! Riding the Rumble in the Ranchlands Course, Mariposa County

    1. Hey Murphy! I know you’re the promoter… honestly, I got a little Garmin confused when I began the loop, and once I’d ridden down the first descent, I figured, well, climbing back up will take some effort, so I’ll plod along. In hindsight, a bad decision haha. In the end, it worked out.

  1. Smooth moves switching to the other side of the road at the 1 minute mark in the video.


  2. Thanks for posting this! Is this route all on public land? For some reason I heard there was some private property along the way (maybe that was a previous year’s route).

    Looks like a route worth exploring.

    1. JM, I believe some of the route was on private property… now, whether I rode those sections is another matter 😉

      ‘Tis a most excellent route, but I’d recommend you ride it in the proper direction, versus making it hard for yourself like I did!

      1. There is a stretch of about 1/3 mile on private property. If you tell me when you’re planning on doing it I can get you permission to pass. You do not wanna try this without permission though because the big ranch dogs don’t mess around and will take a chunk out of you.

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