Tour of the Southern Farmlands: Adel, Georgia, USA & Beyond! Dogs, Trains, Clay & Kale!

Sick of watching endless negative news articles and downer stock projections? Or, tired of the monotonous sea of podcasts, all banging on about their own version of inspiration, talking about riding, versus doing it? Well, JOM of Gravel Cyclist loves to ride, and much prefers riding versus sitting indoors.

south georgia gravel cycling
Always follow the navigation Oracle

With that said, please spare many thoughts for our friends in Spain, Italy, France, Panama and other countries, who are under a serious Covid-19 lockdown. They cannot ride a bicycle, go for a walk, only necessities such as grocery shopping are currently allowed.

south georgia gravel cycling
Hilarious dog antics during this ride 🙂

For those folks complaining about the first-world problems of riding solo, the endless pity parties and their ability to cope, please. If you can ride your bicycle, get outside, ride alone and often.

south georgia gravel cycling
Locomotive power!

Don’t buy into entities talking about adventure as they steal your photos, promising “you’ll be featured if you use hashtag blah blah”… that’s BS. Go explore, take photos, have an adventure. Make it your own.

south georgia gravel cycling

In this video, ride along with JOM, yours truly, for a tour of the Southern Farmlands, starting and ending in Adel, Georgia, US of A. My route meanders though towns such as Berlin and Omega, with commentary, insight, observations and more along the way. There is much more content along this vein in the hopper, please subscribe to the Gravel Cyclist YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

Tour of the Southern Farm Lands

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  1. Avatar Chip Battle

    The local saying is “Adel is so close to Hell you can see Sparks!”

      • Avatar Joey B

        JOM in Georgia it’s actually pronounced A del?

  2. Avatar tom

    I very much enjoy the content of your videos. Your attitude of freelance adventure is one we should all have; take pleasure in our surroundings where ever we are. I am looking at the gravel roads here in the fingerlakes for my next ride.

    There is a wealth of information on you site. Thank you.

  3. Avatar Ron

    OK what is the bike?

    • JOM JOM

      The suspense is killing you 🙂 The frame be a Raleigh Roker, circa 2016 / 2017, the most underrated frame of the time. Big tyre clearance, several years ahead of its time. Mark Landsaaat was a design genius, nowadays he is the man behind Noble Bikes.

  4. Avatar Matthew Lavey

    Thanks for the video. When planning a ride, such as this one, what mapping tools do you use to distinguish between paved and gravel roads. Keep ‘em coming. Matt

    • JOM JOM

      Google Maps has all of the answers. Bing maps does a nice job as well from time to time. Before these handy online tools, I’d get copies of county maps.

  5. Avatar Beargrease

    I think Burt Reynolds made a movie in Georgia around 1972. See any folks sitting on the porch playing a banjo?

  6. Avatar Joey B

    @Beargrease The movie you’re referring to is “Deliverance.” That movie was made in Rabun County, GA. That’s about as far away from Adel Georgia as one can be. Clayton, GA is the county seat. It’s set in the mountains of northeast Georgia. JOM was near by for the Georgia Gravel Grinduro and has a great video of that event.

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