VIDEO: JOM’s Plan “A” Gravel Bike for the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200!

The 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 is just under a week away at the time this article was posted. The weather around Emporia, Kansas one to two weeks before the race has been a mess of rain, tornado warnings, thunderstorms and flooding. This may be a regular occurrence for late Spring in Emporia, but to those of us watching the weather from afar, it is a concern. The organizers have made no mention of the weather or adjustments to the course, barring a potential re-route day of the race, around a known trouble spot “B” road 38 miles into the course.

Whatever happens, the 2019 course promises to be the most challenging yet. Be sure to check out our 2019 Q&A course interview with Event Coordinator, LeLan Dains.

gravel bike for 2019 dirty kanza 200

Bad weather aside, the bike preparation has going been full-steam ahead at Gravel Cyclist HQ. In the hope that flood waters subside and we’ll all be treated to glorious weather with cooler temperatures on race day, I cover the technical details of my 2019 Plan “A” bike for the 2019 Dirty Kanza, in the video below. Plan “A” meaning no rain, mud or sludge.

Thanks for watching!

The Plan “B” gravel bike video will follow shortly.

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  1. Avatar Steven Gilmer

    The Roker will never grow old JOM! It’s one bike I’ll never get rid of. I bought mine on closeout for only $1700 after having seen your review nearly a couple years ago. I’ve made several upgrades since and ride it often. I hope your DK goes smooth and I’m sure the Roker won’t let you down! Good Luck!

    • JOM JOM

      I figured the keen-eyed viewers would figure out what the frame is 🙂 Raleigh royally screwed up by dropping the Roker… and thank you!

  2. OK JOM, anxiously awaiting the wrap. I anticipate a thorough break down of your race from ambiance to equipment analysis and ever thing between of course. Speaking of the course, how was the 2 support stations unlike in the past when there were 3? Are the rules still stating fully self contained? I read in other parts of the interweb that some of the top racers had dead battery, another got a twizzler hand ups etc.

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