Relaxing Sunday Gravel Recovery Ride: Exploring the towns of North Florida & More!

Had enough lately of live video chats, regurgitated cycling articles and podcasts talking about gravel cycling? JOM of Gravel Cyclist marches to the beat of a different drum, loves to ride solo, and much prefers riding bicycles versus talking about riding bicycles. Hopefully, you do too 🙂

gravel cycling recovery ride

As Covid-19 keeps a grip on society, please spare many thoughts for our friends in Spain, Italy, France, Panama and other countries, who are under a serious Covid-19 lockdown. They cannot ride a bicycle, go for a walk, they are truly stuck indoors barring important necessities such as grocery shopping.

gravel cycling recovery ride

If you have the freedom to leave the house, please head out of the house on your bicycle and ride alone and often. Practice social distancing, don’t be a jerk, ride alone, not in a group of any form. Explore, take photos, have an adventure, make it your own!

gravel cycling recovery ride

In this video, ride along with JOM, yours truly, exploring some of the lovely mixed-surface roads of North Central Florida. Starting and ending in Gainesville, Florida, US of A, the route meanders through towns such as Brooker and LaCrosse with commentary, insight, observations, and more along the way. There is much more content along this vein in the hopper, please subscribe if you haven’t already.

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  1. Avatar Michael A

    Thanks for the inspiration to get out and ride gravel and trails and some pavement today. Just go and and enjoy. I saw more dogs than cars

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