Obed GVR Gravel Bike Review with Campagnolo Ekar: “Fast is Fun”

obed gvr gravel bike review

“Adventure and performance just found a whole new level.” – Obed Bikes

obed gvr review

“In the pursuit of more fun and speed on dirt, gravel, and pavement, we sought some aero advantages; stiffness. We wanted less weight, and no excuses to smash it—on race day, or the weekend romp. We wanted hidden cables, and precise handling. In short we wanted it all—and we found it. Adventure just found another gear. Introducing the GVR. Because fast is fun.”

OBED GVR Gravel Bike Review Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew conducts a review of the Obed GVR Gravel Bike, including the ride experience(s) themselves. How did this racy machine fare?

Continued from Above:

“The wild spirit of gravel finds us traversing unknown backroads and trails, in the simple joy of seeking. But many of us seek with speed, chasing increased performance, hunting the edge of our capability. So our product design team created a bike with the nuances that performance-hungry riders want. Like surgically precise handling. Unyielding stiffness for maximal power.”

obed gvr review
Review sample kitted out with Campy’s brilliant Ekar groupset

“Toughness to handle almost any terrain. And weight savings that make the difference, whether you’re on a technical, mountainous mixed-surface sojourn with friends at the Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego, or a 200-mile race across the Kansas flatlands, on unending flint dirt roads at Unbound Gravel.”

obed gvr gravel bike review

“The GVR exists as one of the lighter gravel platforms available. Want speed? Along with a geometry that keeps you driving forward, we’ve hidden all cables from the wind, all tucked cleanly away within the bar, stem and frame. We engineered frame shapes with some basis in aerodynamics, and even tested them in the wind tunnel. We’ve built in geometry and options that put you into as aggressive a riding position as you like. With several tire options and tire clearance up to 45mm on 700c wheels, you’ll be set for anything the path throws your way.”

obed gvr gravel bike review
45mm of tyre clearance

“And as always, you can choose your build in a way unrivaled by any other brand. From a frame of drivetrain components, alloy or carbon wheels, tire options, choice of 650b or 700c wheel varieties, even a new color-blocked range of frame, fork and graphic color choices—are all your choice and built from the ground-up. When you build a GVR, no two are alike—it’s built just for you.”

Learn more at ObedBikes.com

Additional Photos

obed gvr gravel bike review
Spinergy GXX wheels arrived aboard the GVR
obed gvr review
FSA’s ACR system is a key component of the Obed GVR
obed gvr gravel bike review
Our go to tyre, Panaracer Gravelking SK
obed gvr review
Campy Ekar 40T chainring paired to a 10-44 cassette
obed gvr gravel bike review
Custom paint + Campagnolo Ekar

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  1. Avatar tallbikeman

    I’ve had a couple of very stiff racing frames in my time. Don’t know where they are now. I love your honesty about the complexity of adjusting this bikes front handlebar with all its hidden cables.

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