EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Case, Long Term Review: Works for Gravel Bikes Too!

evoc road bike bag pro case review

“EVOC was born when we started designing and building bags for our own needs: sophisticated products of the highest quality with reasonable features. We noticed on trips to remote locations that the last thing you want is to worry about the functionality of your equipment. It was not long before friends and riders we met started asking us for our gear, so the idea gradually turned into a business.” – EVOC Sports

evoc road bike bag pro case review

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

“Revolutionary hybrid road, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation.” – In this instance, the bag was tested exclusively with several gravel bikes.

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Review

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew utilizes the EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Case to travel far and wide. Four trips as at the time of this review:

  1. Gainesville, Florida to Adelaide, South Australia (round trip)
  2. Adelaide, South Australia to Melbourne, Victoria (round trip)
  3. Gainesville, Florida to Denver, Colorado (round trip)
  4. Gainesville, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah (round trip)

evoc road bike bag pro case review

This detailed review includes real-world usage footage demonstrating operating the case, the airport experience, loading into a rental car, and more.

evoc road bike bag pro case review

Technical Specifications


  • 300 litres
  • Weight 11 kilograms / 22.6lbs
  • Measures 130 x 92 x 53 cm

evoc road bike bag pro case review


  • Only wheels and pedals need to be removed (seatpost is optional)
  • Extralight and ultrasafe hybrid construction – collapsible
  • Easy to travel with – thanks to extra-wide wheel chassis, clip-on wheel, and multiple handles
  • Including new Road Bike Stand for easy fixation and extra safe transport
  • TSA Proof
  • Skate Wheels, Replaceable
  • Maximum wheelbase, 106 cm
  • Maximum cockpit width, 50 cm
  • Maximum saddle height, 86cm (distance between lower part of chainring and top part of saddle)

evoc road bike bag pro case review

evoc road bike bag pro case review

evoc road bike bag pro case review

evoc road bike bag pro case review

EVOC Sports – http://evocsports.com

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  1. Avatar Christian Bratina

    Looks great, but at 30 pounds it is going to put most gravel bikes over the 50 lb weight limit. I use a similarly shaped Air Caddy which weighs 21 lbs and costs a LOT less. With the Air Caddy you leave the rear wheel and handlebars on. I can leave on fenders and a rear rack as well and store a front rack inside it for cycle touring.

    • JOM JOM

      It is 22.6lbs, not 30lbs. Both systems definitely have some good merits!

  2. Avatar advcyclist

    Convenience factor, off the charts… airport check-in stealth factor; low. Maybe JOM had good luck with it, but this bag doesn’t seem like it would sneak past most check-in gates as #notabicycle

    • JOM JOM

      No hiding the fact it isn’t a bicycle, I was asked every time by the agent, “Is that a bicycle?” Before airlines such as Delta and American changed their policies on bicycles a few years ago, this would have resulted in a $150 – $200 fee each way. Nowadays, it counts as a first or second bag, depending on how much stuff you bring onboard. In my case with American, $40 for the second bag (aka the bicycle).

  3. Avatar Peter Duncan-Jones

    My BMC URS gravel bike has a wheelbase of 108cm so presumably will not fit. Are you able to comment on how accurate / conservative this limit is? Thanks 🙂

    • JOM JOM

      Hello, I don’t have a BMC URS in my possession to confirm. However, I reviewed a size medium some time ago, and it fit inside the case sans issues. Good luck!

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