Tallahassee to Boston, GA: Round Trip – Exploring the Canopy Roads + Visiting Thomasville, GA

90+ miles / 145kms+ of mixed-surface fun beginning at the quaint Bradley’s Country Store in Felkel, Florida (close to Miccosukee, Florida). The route wandered into Georgia for a visit to the towns of Thomasville, Boston and Metcalfe.

bradley's country store florida

Whilst in the town of Thomasville, I paid a visit to my friends at Hubs and Hops (http://hubsandhops.com), the only bike shop in Thomasville, but one of the best! Bikes + a bar serving brews, what’s not to love?!

bradley's country store florida

The video features a comprehensive look at all of the towns mentioned, including the beautiful scenery and canopy roads along the route. Please enjoy, there is much more content like this in the hopper!

bradley's country store florida

Pardon the mistimed comment about 24 minutes in… this was a long video edit! That was a reference to the Spaghetti 100 and Dirty Pecan rides (see below).

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    • JOM JOM

      Thank you Bill! I have a lot more content of this nature to come.

  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Fun video JOM! I most liked the part where you threw that stick! That was really cool! But if you want it to return to you like a boomerang you have to use that electric one you usually carry. (Also known as a “drone.” )
    I’m just sayin’
    Stick Fetching Dogg

  2. Avatar david

    Hi there, Just wondering if you have any maps for the gravel routs ? thanks David
    I really enjoyed your videos .

    • JOM JOM

      Sorry, for reasons I stated in that video, I do not provide routes. Thanks for the kind words.

    • JOM JOM

      Sorry, I traverse private land at times, mostly that I try to do with permission. Therefore, I cannot provide routes for these videos.

  3. I grew up in Thomasville and recognized several of those dirt roads that took me to some mighty fine fishing ponds and lakes. Beautifully done… thanks for the trip !

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