VIDEO: Dirty Pecan for 2018 – Monticello, Florida, USA

Saturday, March 3, 2018 marked the latest edition of the Dirty Pecan, a free event (with donations and sponsors supporting Jefferson County 4-H) beginning and ending in Monticello, Florida. Riders chose between 60, 80, 100 or 150-mile routes featuring dirt, gravel and clay roads, and a wee little sandy spot here and there. This video is the viewpoint from JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew, and his 100-mile ride.

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4 comments on “VIDEO: Dirty Pecan for 2018 – Monticello, Florida, USA

  1. Hi JOM,

    Why did you choose 650B wheels for this event? How did you like them vs 700c?


    1. Brett, at the moment, I have some prototype 650b tyres in my possession from Vee Rubber. Because they are so wide (about 50mm), I thought it a good idea to try them out at this event. There are one or two known sandy spots, which these tyres dealt with capably. But, I still prefer 700c. Why? Better tyre selection, and generally, a lot of the 650b tyres on offer are heavier than their 700c counterparts.

      1. Jom,
        Which 700 size tires did you use in the past for this event? I plan to use my gravel bike for this event next year and wanted to make sure I had the right size tires,

        1. I’ve run 700c x 38mm all the way up to 700c aka 29’er by 2″. Choose at least a 40mm tyre… if you do the 100 and 150-mile versions, there is a horrible sandy road that you will want wide tyres. Naturally, it comes at about 120 miles into the full monty route.

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