Spaghetti 100 – 2015 62 Mile Dirt Epic Race VIDEO

The Spaghetti 100 is an event hosted by the Capital City Cyclists of Tallahassee, Florida, benefiting several charities relating to children’s cycling. 2015 marked the 32nd running of the event, which features rides on paved and dirt / gravel surfaces. The dirt variant encompasses the beautiful canopied clay roads in the Red Hills plantation country of north Florida and southern Georgia.

JOM’s race report.

We hope you enjoy this video of the 2015 Spaghetti 100 – 62 Mile Dirt Epic, in the beauty of High Definition (720p and 1080p)!

Thanks for watching!

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3 comments on “Spaghetti 100 – 2015 62 Mile Dirt Epic Race VIDEO

  1. Ok, that got my heart pumping!
    Best yet editing. Exciting fore and aft video!
    Give me a trainer and I’ll smoke some bearings this winter.

  2. Hi guys

    From watching your clips, it seems that even the race atmosphere is very friendly, unlike ego-charged elitist road racing. I was once a founding member of a very intense road training bunch, average speed 41+kmh, but then I took a step back from the crazy “must win” mindset, and as I got older and injured, it seemed like they didn’t even know me……THAT’S WHY I LOVIN’ the GRAVEL!

    Keep up the great work!

    Steve F
    The lonely gravel guy

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