From the North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa: Diary (Day 66 to 73) – Finale!

If you missed this undertaking that began on September 8th, 2019, Jonas Deichmann is attempting to break a world record; riding 18,000km from the Arctic to Cape Town. He is accompanied by the photographer and long-distance driver Philipp Hympendahl. There will be many mixed-surface roads along the way. You can read more about Jonas’ adventure at this link.

Additionally, you can view photos and diary entries from earlier:

The Diary

Day 66:
With only a few cookies for breakfast, I ride 60 km to Nata. A few more elephants and gazelles cross the road. Now I am out of the wildlife zone and the road becomes boring. Completely flat with endless bushes on both sides of the road, no changes at all. I push through and focus on the kilometers to make it to Francistown. I arrive in the mining town at sunset and find a little hotel with a tasty Indian restaurant.

Day 67:
I set off at sunrise hoping for the forecasted tailwind which never comes. Today is as boring as yesterday, flat and endless bushes on both sides of the road. I am feeling very tired and take a quick nap for 10 minutes at noon. In the evening another thunderstorm arrives and makes camping very unpleasant. At a police checkpoint, they allow me to sleep inside the station and bring me some tea.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

Day 68:
The gate of the police station is closed at 5am and I lift my bike across the fence. Not an easy task getting across with cycling shoes. All morning I fight a strong headwind and reach Gaborone at noon. It’s a surprisingly modern city that looks very similar to most mid-sized US cities. In the evening the wind gets stronger and I ride at 18kmh on the flat until I find a guesthouse at sunset. Just 50 kilometres from South Africa.

Day 69:
Yeah!!! I’ve been looking forward to this sign for a long time. 1,300km to go, time for the final sprint into Capetown.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

Day 70:
Super tough day with 328km against the wind. Incredibly tired now after 17,000 km spent on the bike, but I can almost smell the Ocean now.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

Day 71:
Not every road sign applies to ultra cyclists. Super tough day, battling a 30km/hr headwind all day. I rode for over 12 hours and managed 238 km. With 620 km left and 32 days ahead of the current world record, I am very confident I will be successful.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

Day 72:
The longest and toughest day of Cape to Cape. 324km riding against a fierce, non-stop headwind to get within striking distance of Cape Town. After less than four hours of sleep, I am already back pushing through the night.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

Day 73:
Cape to Cape Town complete! At 18:53 local time November 19th, 2019 I finally arrived at the waterfront here in Cape Town, South Africa. The journey took In 72 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes to travel 18,000 kilometers on my bike, all the way from North Cape, Norway to reach this spot.

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

I broke the old record by some 30 days, but I am tired, sore and very very happy. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this adventure. Now I am going to have a little party here in Cape Town to celebrate but may have some more news later on. Thank you for reading!

Photos Days 66 to 73

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