VIDEO: The Tranquilo Mixed-Surface Ride – Santa Monica, California & Beyond!

The Tranquilo, hosted by Bonk Breaker Nutrition, is “an epic day of riding, eating, and enjoying the best Belgian ale on the planet with an awesome group of buddies.”

This mixed-surface ride starts and ends at Santa Monica Brew Works. It travels along the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu, before heading north through Point Mugu State Park.

From there, the route heads east towards Agoura Hills and Calabasas, culminating with plenty of climbing and descending through Topanga State Park. The route also includes the ascent of the “Frankenburg”, a super tough climb that sees a lot of riders walking it… including yours truly at some point!

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4 comments on “VIDEO: The Tranquilo Mixed-Surface Ride – Santa Monica, California & Beyond!

  1. Hey JOM,

    Wishing you well and a speedy recovery.

    It may be worth it to double-check your helmet for cracks or compromises in the shell. Unfortunately I speak from experience. I was brought down by a lead rider who crashed during a decent and I thought I had escaped without any damage to my equipment (I knew my body had some damage). Upon further inspection I realized that the shell of the helmet was cracked in two places. 🙁


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