VIDEO: Inside the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 (now called Unbound) – The Perfect Storm Edition, but Minus the Rain

June 1, 2019, marked the 14th running of Dirty Kanza 200, arguably the world’s most famous gravel race! 2019 saw all-new Northbound courses, a change in ownership, Garmin as title sponsor and a rider lottery to ensure a fairer selection process for would-be participants.

2019 dirty kanza 200 race video

This was also the first edition where at least one European professional team made their intent to appear at the race. For the record, Colin Strickland won the overall Men’s race with a sub 10-hour time, incredible! For the women, Amity Rockwell took home the glory.

2019 dirty kanza 200 race video

Meanwhile, in realms of the mid-pack or beyond, JOM of Gravel Cyclist made his 4th DK200 start, with the simple goal of finishing. It was a very up and down day for JOM, and many other riders on the course.

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Dirty Kanza

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  1. Avatar Robin Kay

    Sorry you had a bad day and didn’t make your 4th DK200 goal. I too didn’t finished this year. After a hard crash at mile 110, I pulled the pin at Alta Vista. Heartbreaking to pull out of a race that you spend so long preparing for but my husband and I are already planning our trip back next year. It will be my second attempt and his 4th DK200. Hope to see you there having a better day than you did this year. Thanks for the video!

  2. Avatar scott d coates

    Your reporting, video and candor are fantastic for the of us who couldn’t make it to the DK this year. Vicarious living is better than none at all.

  3. Avatar Michael M Shackleton

    Having never attempted a bike race in my life, I entered the DK 100 this year. After crossing the finish line in that heat that day, I couldn’t have imagined having to do that all over again like the DK 200 riders. You did 150 miles. Good on you. I’m looking to giving the DK200 a go next year now that I know what to expect.

  4. Avatar Kevin

    Sorry things didn’t work out this time. I want thank you for publishing so many thorough blogs. I read and internalize every one. It has made me a better and more capable rider.

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