VIDEO: Episode 10 – Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question!

Episode Ten of “Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question” can be seen below.

Questions in this episode:

  1. Do you have any experience running two different tyre sizes?
  2. Would a knobbier tyre be better on a course with a wide range of conditions versus a smoother file tread?
  3. Do you sell Gravel Cyclist apparel?
  4. What are your recommendations for pedals?
  5. Have you experimented with a “guetto tubeless” tyre setup on non-tubeless wheels?
  6. What sort of mileage can be expected out of a set of Panaracer Gravelking SK tyres?
  7. Can you use Shimano Di2 mechanical brake road shifters with XTR Di2 derailleurs?
  8. Can you use a Shimano XT / XTR 11-40 cassette with Dura-Ace Di2 and a 50 / 34 chainring pairing?
  9. What type of pump do you use to seat tubeless tyres? What are the pump choices?
  10. What tyre to use at an event like D2R2 (mix of good gravel, gnarly gravel and everything in between)? Terrene Elwood, WTB Byway or WTB Resolute?
  11. There are issues with the SRAM Etap front derailleur and tyre clearance. Will SRAM consider a redesign?
  12. What is the possibility of using SRAM Etap with an 11-40 cassette?
  13. What is the best way to keep dirt off the nozzle of your water bottle?

Links to reviews mentioned in this video:

WTB Byway 650b –
WTB Horizon 650b –
Panaracer Gravelking SK –
Terrene Elwood 650b –
Joe Blow Booster Pump –
Bontrager TLR Flashcharger Pump –

Episode 11 coming soon, post your questions here!

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