VIDEO: A Gravel Bike Ride in and around Temecula, California

This ride started and ended on the outskirts of Temecula, California, an area renown for its wineries, resorts and other attractions. The area also features many miles / kilometres of beautiful dirt and gravel roads, that barely see any vehicular traffic.

temecula california gravel cycling

.Join JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew for a ride he took in the area during mid-January of 2019, on some of the roads that featured in Volume 5 of SPNDX Stampede.

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4 comments on “VIDEO: A Gravel Bike Ride in and around Temecula, California

  1. Your group brings in THIEVES!!!!
    Your group started at Palumbo Winery and my Organic Farm… AND BUSINESS are a property next door. As I was tending to delicate herbs … a young woman from the group jumped my fence, picked jujube’s and started harvesting from my pomegranete tree.
    Unbelievable…. I told her as she jumped MY FENCE and ran, I would shoot her or let my dog get her next time! It’s a Crime to STEAL!

    1. Cindy, nobody from this entity was at the event you are talking about. If you noted, my video was filmed early in 2019, I did not begin and end from Palumbo Winery. With that said, I’m disappointed to hear someone from the cycling community thought it was OK to commit the actions you describe above.

  2. My apologies Jom! I didn’t notice the date of your ride… Thank you for your response.
    I need to locate the organizer of this group that was out here this last Sunday and follow up. It’s disappointing that a group like this needs to be told they can’t climb over a fence to help themselves to someone’s orchard. She didn’t pick just one … she had a bag she was filling. Again, my apologies! Have a nice day!

    1. You wanted to shoot her over some fruit? You are a complete nut job. People like you should not own guns. Call the cops next time.

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