Ridley Kanzo Fast Gravel Bike Review with Campagnolo Ekar 1×13: The World’s Fastest Gravel Bike?

ridley kanzo fast review

“Ridley was founded in 1997. Since its inception, Belgium’s largest bicycle manufacturer has been firmly at the forefront of product innovation. Its first innovative development was the conical headset, which was introduced in 2001 on the Ridley Damocles bike. This development subsequently became the standard in the bike industry.” – Ridley-Bikes.com

ridley kanzo fast review

Many of Ridley’s bikes have focused on aerodynamics and high performance. It goes without saying if Ridley were to produce a gravel bike, those traits would be among its notable features. Meet the Ridley Kanzo Fast, a bike that Ridley claim is the fastest gravel bike in the world, with gravel-specific geometry, aerodynamic tubing and very good tyre clearance.

Ridley Kanzo Fast Review Video

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew put the Ridley Kanzo Fast through a comprehensive, long-term review over four months, including the lovely Campagnolo Ekar 1×13-Speed mechanical shift drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes. Another no BS review that goes way beyond the fluff reviews of a local parking lot or comfy cruise ride around a local gravel track!

ridley kanzo fast review
Getting sludgy at the 2021 Tour of the Quilt Country

“The Kanzo Fast gravel bikes are lightning-fast on any terrain. Their effective power transfer helps you convert every single watt into maximum speed. They are also expert at cutting through the wind while keeping you comfortable to ensure that you can confidently go the distance. A fine piece of engineering that will have you flying – no matter the terrain or weather conditions!”

ridley kanzo fast review
Somewhere in Arkansas

“Designed with a focus on aerodynamics and gravel, each tube has an optimized NACA profile. To ensure that aerodynamics is on point, the bikes were extensively tested in our wind tunnel. Our engineers also ensured for a hefty chunk of comfort. The Kanzo Fast gravel bikes have a lowered seat stay for vertical compliance, comfortable seatpost and true gravel geometry.”

ridley kanzo fast review
Ascending a nasty little berg

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  1. Avatar GCWANNABEE

    World’s Fastest Gravel Bike? Maybe, but it depends who is riding it….just sayin’. You’re good as gold, mate.

  2. Avatar Alan

    Jom, how did you like the Terra Speed tires?

  3. Avatar Ron

    I’d love to see you review the Factor LS!

  4. Avatar Glenn

    Hey Jom,

    Very compressive review and great to see another “ Trendsetter” from Adelaide stateside. Do let me know if you are ever in NorCal.. or attending the SeaOtter later in the year.
    I am building up my first real gravel bike coming from a roadie / mtb background ( mix of Campy Chorus 2x and shamal wheels ) .

    Can you recommend an optimum tire size for a 70/30 of road/fire trails? ( 700c )


    • Avatar Matt

      Hey Glen,

      I’d try running some 32mm Panaracer Gravel King slicks – they’re my go to road/gravel compromise.

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