Retro Road Bikes on Mixed-Surface Roads – The July 4th “Spirit of ’76” Ride!

This was a bicycle ride for vintage (or vintage reproduction) road bikes, held on July 4, 2019, otherwise known as Independence Day.

retro road bikes on gravel
Lining up to ride. The dude on the S-Works disregarded the memo.

Hosted by a friend of the Gravel Cyclist crew, Big Head Todd, the ride blurb was as follows – “We’ll cover some roads that are still like they were in 1976 on technology that represents the technology of that era. Saddle / pedal / clothing choices are open to each rider but please, no tires over 32c / 1.25”. Think guidelines similiar to Eroica, and you get the picture.

retro road bikes on gravel

Not everyone chose to accept or follow the memorandum, but regardless, a fun time was had by all!

retro road bikes on gravel

Audio best experienced with headphones.

Links to Todd’s Tour of Ara experience (South Africa) :

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