RAW Crusher in the Tushar, 2017 Edition: 90+ Minutes of Utah Gravel – Perfect for your Trainer!

Looking for a distraction from hours of monotony on the indoor trainer? Or, riding Crusher in the Tushar for the first time in 2020? This video comes to you from the cameras of yours truly during my one and only foray into the 2017 edition of Crusher in the Tushar. Living in Florida much of the year, it is nigh on impossible without an altitude tent to train for this race, so you do what you can!

crusher in the tushar trainer video

This is a RAW edit. RAW edit? There is no music during the 90+ minutes of raw Crusher in the Tushar in this video. Feel free to turn the volume down and play your own music, optionally whilst you ride your indoor trainer, or run the video in the background to impress your friends! 🙂

crusher in the tushar trainer video

The 2017 Crusher in the Tushar Bike

crusher in the tushar trainer video
Ritchey Breakaway Ti CX with Girona, Spain below

If these uncut, raw footage videos continue to be well received, I will produce more in the future. For example, uncut Almanzo 100, uncut L’Eroica from Italy and a lot more!

Thanks for watching!

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10 comments on “RAW Crusher in the Tushar, 2017 Edition: 90+ Minutes of Utah Gravel – Perfect for your Trainer!

  1. Hey if you have or can sync gps and altitude data with the video, consider uploading it to Rouvy.

  2. I hope you’ll post more of these! I’m always hunting on You Tube for good videos for the trainer.

    1. More to come… I may have the biggest library of gravel events on the planet… 10+ years of footage 🙂

    1. If I do, it will be selective. All of my videos are owned by me and subject to copyright. I am a little concerned people will start stealing my videos, in which case, there will be some problems.

  3. I see. Well, whenever/whatever you do post, they will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Jeff, none of those comments were directed at you. You would be surprised at the content theft I have had thus far…

  4. JOM, I watched it while doing a 1:15 VO2 max workout on the trainer this morning. It was a perfect distraction! Thanks again.
    BTW, I noticed a ton of XC MTBs (my preferred ride) in the Crusher. Do you think the MTBers were at any disadvantage on that course vs. the dedicated gravel bikes? If so, how? Just curious.

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