Parrott, Georgia & Beyond: A Blazing Hot Summer’s Day Ride!

parrott georgia
Parrott, Georgia in the Long Riders Movie, circa 1980

“Parrott was founded in the 1860’s by James and John L. Parrott, pioneer citizens. The Georgia General Assembly incorporated Parrott as a town in 1889.” Circa 2010, the town’s population was approximately 158 people.

dawson georgia
The same scene in Parrott, Georgia, 2020

“Parts of the 1980 Western film, The Long Riders, were filmed in Parrot – notably the ‘Northfield scene’. Artrain USA visited Parrott in 1976, one of the few non-metropolitan stops on its journey. The event was accompanied by a large arts and crafts show along with craft demonstrations. Jimmy Carter attended the event to cut the ribbon and open the show then gave a speech to commemorate the occasion.” –

Parrott, Georgia & Beyond

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew explores the southern Georgia towns of Parrott, Dawson, and Sasser, and the lands and desolate roads in between. Ridden and recorded in August of 2020, this time of the year guarantees heat and humidity synonymous with this area of the world!

parrott georgia

Dawson, Georgia: “Dawson is a city in and the county seat of Terrell County, Georgia, United States. The population was 4,557 at the 2010 census. Incorporated on December 22, 1857, the city is named for Senator William Crosby Dawson.

sasser georgia
First official ride on the Calfee Tetra Adventure Bike

Sasser, Georgia: “Sasser is a town in Terrell County, Georgia, United States. The population was 393 at the 2000 census. A post office called Sasser was established in 1881. The Georgia General Assembly incorporated Sasser as a town in 1890. The community has the name of one William Sasser, and was founded by G.W. Varner.”

parrott georgia

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  1. Avatar Betty Jean Jordan

    Hi, Jason! I enjoyed your video! Pecan City Pedalers shared it. I’m going to share it with a friend who has a house in Parrott. I went through Dawson, Sasser, and Bronwood myself this past Saturday on the Albany 200K brevet , hosted by Audax Atlanta. Mine was a road ride, but after watching your video I’m jonesin’ for a good dirt/gravel adventure. BTW, I visited Parrott last summer when I did a solo 300K that traced the outline of a T. rex. RAWR!

  2. Avatar Chip Battle

    We ride this area frequently. The store in Bronwood is probably our most frequent stop, because we come and go through Bronwood from every direction. We ride between Parrott and Dawson a lot, but I have not done so on dirt roads. Will have to examine this. Otherwise we ride all of these dirt roads weekly. Closed bridges are a problem in Terrell County. A couple of them have begun to collapse, and we will probably avoid them in the future. I believe you were on Scott Store Road at some point, but because of the way you left, and returned to Parrott, you may have missed the “tree troll”. It’s a twisted tree stump on the road embankment, that someone decorated to resemble a troll. There is another closer to Albany that has been made to resemble an alligator.

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