OBED GVR Gravel Bike Preview + KITZUMA Delivery Experience

obed gvr gravel bike review

“Fast is Fun: The Obed GVR” – Obed Bikes

“The beauty of gravel is not with how it’s defined, but rather— how it’s not.”

obed gvr gravel bike review

“Gravel is open-source. Decentralized. That means how you define fun can go in any direction. The spirit of fun in gravel has arced toward adventure, but we also recognize a nod toward fun at high speed. On courses built with variety, but also a start line, a finish line and a podium.”

“Because for many, fast is fun. So we designed for both.”

OBED GVR Gravel Bike Preview Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew runs through the ordering and delivery process (by kitzuma) of the OBED GVR Gravel Bike. Additionally, he covers many of the standout features of this racy machine.

kitsuma bicycle delivery review
kitzuma delivery experience
kitsuma bicycle delivery review
See more of this experience in the video above

obed gvr gravel bike review

Continued from Above:

“High-speed thrills or low-fi adventures.”

obed gvr gravel bike review
Campy Ekar, not a cable in sight

“Obed’s newest gravel machine is poised to play—regardless what your definition of play looks like. With a race pedigree and a soul for exploration, the GVR is designed for the speed of race day, with geometry for precision handling on the most technical sections, as well as tunnel-tested aerodynamic design and clean cable integration for unabashed speed during fast-paced action on paved and open fire road sections.”

obed gvr gravel bike review
FSA ACR front end

“Quietly prototype-tested in 2021, we put the GVR through its race paces, and it came out with flying colors. From the speed of Unbound, the loamy (and sometimes wet) conditions found at BWR Asheville and the sheer volume of a big day—and night— at Unbound XL, the GVR was dicing at the front, and ready for more.”

obed gvr gravel bike review
Campy Ekar, 40T chainring

“But the GVR isn’t just a racehorse: it’s definitely down to party. With a soul for the weekend fire road roll with friends, the GVR sports tons of tire clearance and storage capacity, all packed into a lightweight chassis. With the GVR, hit the trail, finish at the river, and regale the day.”

obed gvr gravel bike review
10-44 Campy Ekar cassette

“High-speed thrills, or low-fi adventures? Whatever your flavor, find your fun, with the GVR.”

obed gvr gravel bike review

Comprehensive review appearing later, watch this space. In the meantime, learn more about the OBED GVR at https://obedbikes.com

obed gvr gravel bike review
Spinery GXX wheels
obed gvr gravel bike review
Panaracer Gravelking SK
obed gvr gravel bike review
Optional top tube mounts
obed gvr gravel bike review
Third bottle cage mount

obed gvr gravel bike review

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