NEW Review Bike: Time ADHX 45 Gravel Bike

time adhx 45 review

About Time Bicycles

“Since our foundation in 1987, we’ve continually pushed the boundaries of technology, design and innovation. We are driven by the desire to build the best bikes in the world and our guiding principle – Le Defi / The Challenge – inspires us to never rest, never take the easy option and to lead the way.” –

time adhx 45 review

Time ADHX 45

“Riders that spend the majority of their time on unimproved roads will appreciate the volume and traction offered by a 45c tire. Gravel-oriented frames achieve the necessary tire clearance by thinning and lengthening the seatstays and chainstays and widening the crown of the fork. The resulting increase in frame deflection paired with the vibration absorption and traction of larger tires make light work of rough roads even as they render the ADHX 45 less suited to asphalt.”

Time ADHX Features Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes and runs through the standout features of the beautiful Time ADHX 45. This bike will be accompanying JOM to Australia, for a long-term review that is likely to see this beautiful bike, become very very dirty.

time adhx 45 review

Continued from Above:


  • Google Maps can’t figure out where you are most of the time
  • What appears to be a vicious sock tan wipes off with a wet washcloth
  • You know exactly where that Forest Service road connects, and HIGHLY recommend it
  • You don’t own a pump gauge that goes past 60psi

Additional Photos

time adhx 45 review

time adhx 45 review

time adhx 45 review

time adhx 45 review

time adhx 45 review

time adhx 45 review

Learn more at the Time Bicycles Website, stay tuned for our long-term review!

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