Tech: FSA’s ACR (Aero Cable Routing) System – It’s not just for Road Bikes

“Full Speed Ahead (FSA) produces world-class bicycle components for road cycling and mountain biking and we support many of the world’s leading road and mountain bike teams.” This blurb comes from FSA’s website but doesn’t address the company’s beginnings and later history. Regardless, FSA has been manufacturing top-notch bicycle components for many years.

fsa aero cable routing system
Ti Cycles gravel bike fitted with FSA’s ACR system.

FSA ACR Aero Stem and Headset

The Aerodynamic Cable Routing (ACR) system is designed to provide a clean, internalized routing system devoid of sharp curves and kinks, and works with either mechanical or electronic shifting and rim brake or hydraulic disc brakes.

fsa aero cable routing system
Cutaway provided by FSA.

When paired with the FSA ACR headset, all four cables remain hidden from view. Starting at the brake levers, the cables run inside the handlebar to the stem, to the frame or steerer tube, sans limits on handlebar rotation.

fsa aero cable routing system

Naturally, if a wireless or semi-wireless shifting system such as SRAM eTap or FSA WE are in operation, two cables are negated from the ACR system making for an even easier setup.

fsa aero cable routing system
Image provided by FSA.

Initial setup could be time-consuming for a professional bike mechanic (home mechanics can likely relate too), but in the case of hydraulic braking at least, the system should be a relative case of set and forget.

fsa aero cable routing system

The FSA ACR system isn’t reserved just for road bikes, as evidenced by the Ti Cycles gravel bike seen in this article and video below.

fsa aero cable routing system

FSA ACR Video & Ti Cycles Gravel Bike

FSA (Full Speed Ahead)

FSA K-Force WE

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  1. Avatar GCwannabee

    Well that’s nice looking, and I’m sure provides something in a wind tunnel. But, I think there is something to be said for having your cables accessible for replacement, repair, easier setup, stem changes, adjustments to position. It’s nice to have choices for everyone, but I don’t think I’ll get enough aero advantage or style points to offset the easy access to more conventional routing.

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