How To: Swapping Tubeless Tires & Reusing Tubeless Tire Sealant

In this video, I demonstrate the process I use for swapping tubeless tyres and ideally, reusing as much as the sealant as possible from the original tubeless install. Your process may be different from mine, so feel free to post constructive comments.

I forgot to mention in the video you can use a paper towel to remove old sealant from the original tire and clean up the rim before the new tire / reconstituted sealant is installed.

swapping tubeless tires and reusing tire sealant
Removing leftover sealant from the original tyre.

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  1. Avatar Chad Lacher

    Might I ask what cassette you are running; is that by chance an e-thirteen model?

    • JOM JOM

      Chad, it is a SRAM Force 10-33 12-speed.

  2. Avatar Ron Reed

    Could you use the syringe to inject the sealant back in the tire?

  3. Avatar MikeV

    Very helpful as always, JOM. Wider gravel tubeless tires never give me a problem, but road tubeless can be a beast. I always laugh when I install Schwalbe ProOnes that say “Tubeless Easy” right on the casing. I love the tire, but such a lie! Thanks again.

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