FSE.bike (Filament Spin Evolution) G28/32X Wide & Light Gravel Wheelset Review: 1,253 grams!

“We are some great friends with a passion for carbon fiber and all things bikes. Road, CX, MTB, TT, TRI, FAT, Gravel, Track, Custom… we love them all, own most of them and ride… well, honestly less than we would like to. But, I guess that’s true of every addicted bike rider.” – FSE Wheels

fse filament spin evolution wheelset review g28 32x gravel

“We are over the moon with FSE Filament Spin Evolution carbon fiber. You will understand in the first 100 meters that these wheels are truly a game-changer.” “FSE – Filament Spin Evolution carbon fiber wheels.

fse filament spin evolution wheelset review g28 32x gravel

We knew immediately we were onto something groundbreaking. Yet we did not rush the process. This has been in development for three years. We have been lab and road testing them for over a year. Interbike 2016 was our official launch.”

fse filament spin evolution wheelset review g28 32x gravel

G28/32X Wide & Light Gravel Wheelset

The G28/32X is only 1270 grams per wheelset (+/- 20g) – 28mm deep and 32mm wide… 27mm wide internal. This wheelset came about by popular demand for a wheelset that is a “billy goat wheelset”, for steep Appalachian and Rocky Mountain Climbs.

fse filament spin evolution wheelset review g28 32x gravel

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew has been putting this wheelset through its paces on all manner of roads. Is it strong enough? Is it stiff enough? Is it really that light? All of these questions and more are answered in JOM’s review.

FSE Wheels

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  1. Avatar CHRISTIAN Bratina

    Please list the weight of the RIM, who cares about the weight of the wheel as it really does not matter.

    • Avatar AK_Ben

      I’m guessing this is something you could research on your own. JOM was only sent the built wheels to test, and so would not have been able to weigh the rims separately. The link to their website is listed in the lead-in to the video.

  2. Avatar Ron

    I wonder how these compare to the (also filament wound) rims/wheels from nextcycling.com. Those guys seem pretty cool.

  3. Avatar Ron

    More to say – I just got a new set of wheels, and these were in the final running against some Nextcycling options, Specialized, Easton EC 90 SL, and the Duke Racing Baccara SLS2. I ended up going with the Duke BACCARA SLS2 DISC 36/36C with the new DT 180 hubs, which I absolutely adore, but these also look like a really great option.
    One thing against choosing these wheels for me was that I had never heard of them before and there were no reviews, so thanks for breaking ground here.

    • JOM JOM

      Ron, thanks for your insight, I appreciate good feedback.

  4. Avatar Velobuck

    Excellent reviews. I’ve been viewing ALOT of your youtube vids also!
    I’d love to see how these FSE wheels with Berd spokes! keep up the great work!

  5. Avatar FuelForThought

    FSE is now out of business per their website

    • JOM JOM

      Indeed, a real shame. We posted a notice to our Facebook page about it.

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