Exploring the hinterlands of Hawthorne, Florida: Sand, Heat, Flies & Historic places!

cycling in hawthorne florida

Hawthorne is a city in Alachua County, Florida, United States, incorporated in 1881. Indigenous peoples of the Americas had been living in the area since around 100 CE; Hawthorne grew around their trading trails. Throughout its history, Hawthorne has been known for its agriculture, railroad, and rural lifestyle. Hawthorne’s population was 1,417 at the 2010 census, with an area of 7.06 sq mi (18.3 km2) – Wikipedia.org

cycling in hawthorne florida
Deer fly chewing on JOM’s leg

In this episode of JOM on ride-a-bout, he tackles a late afternoon 60ish mile ride out of the small town of Hawthorne, Florida. The ride heads to towns such as Edgar and Orange Springs, and returns to Hawthorne. Along the way you’ll see history, old country Florida, tree canopies, deer flies, deep sandy roads and JOM on walk-a-bout (off his bicycle). Bring a fly swatter! 🙂

cycling in hawthorne florida
Corrugated / Washboard Road… one of the worst ever!

For those wondering, JOM’s bike in this video was the T-Lab X3 Titanium Adventure Bike, fitted with DT Swiss GRC1400 650b wheels (under review), Panaracer Gravelking SK tyres in 650b x 48mm and Shimano’s GRX Di2 groupset.

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  1. Avatar Gregory Cook

    Oh Gawd. You guys have deer flies in Fla. ?! Here in Michigan the season will start at the end of June and run through till Sept.
    I turn from dedicated mountain biker to Gravel cyclist for those weeks. Those flies bite through Lycra which is why I don’t wear it in the woods.

    • JOM JOM

      They aren’t prolific, mostly small pockets throughout the state, but they’re absolute bastards!

  2. Thanks! My sister is a Gator and we are loving your Florida local routes. I”ll stop complaining about riding in 42 F. Ha ha …

  3. Avatar GCWANNABEE

    If you stay on your bike and ride faster, the flies leave you alone. Hard to believe you were walking. I hear one of your friends can show you how to ride in the sand.

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