Exploring Seale, Alabama & Beyond: Including the Museum of Wonder!

seale alabama museum of wonder
The old Russell County Courthouse

“Seale is an unincorporated community in Russell County, Alabama, United States. It was the county seat from 1868 until 1935 and the former Russell County courthouse, built in 1868, is located in the town.” – Wikipedia.org

seale alabama museum of wonder
Ruh Roh!

“Before the town of Seale was ever established, settlers from Georgia began to build settlements in this area of Russell County due to its proximity to the Old Federal Road. As early as 1842, there was a community present here which attended a “preaching place” known as Glenn Chapel. Seale itself was originally an unincorporated community known as Silver Run, established sometime in the early 1850s.”

seale alabama museum of wonder

“The town was formed, in part, to facilitate a railroad being built between Girard and Mobile. The station in Silver Run was named Seale’s Station, in honor of Captain Arnold Seale. Accordingly, the town eventually changed its name to Seale.”

seale alabama museum of wonder
Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru!

Seale is also home to the Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru (https://museumofwonder.com), which is visited in this video. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew records the points of note within Seale, before setting off for about 75ish miles / 120kms of mixed-surface riding fun, that also takes in the towns of Pittsview, Alabama, and Omaha, Georgia (home to the Omaha Brewing Company).

seale alabama museum of wonder
JOM scaling one of many punchy climbs along the course

Heaps of lovely scenery, quiet roads, some backtracking and getting lost / found again, rainfall, and more!

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