EMBEZZLERS are the Lowest Form of Life (Have a Nice Day): Recovery Ride, Gainesville, Florida

EMBEZZLER: Someone who secretly takes money that is in their care or that belongs to an organization or business they work for.

embezzlers are the lowest form of life gainesville florida

The Embezzler’s sign is one of two photography landmarks for those into mixed-surface / gravel cycling should you reside in or visit Gainesville, Florida. Circa May 2020, I have no idea who erected the sign, a resident, a former resident? Not a clue. In the future, I hope to attain the background story behind the sign, could make for an interesting interview/commentary!

embezzlers are the lowest form of life gainesville florida

For those who are curious, the second photography landmark is Pinky’s Place, which you can see linked in the video at the bottom. Note, Pinky’s Place is best visited at nighttime for the best experience, daylight hours are for the Amateurs.

embezzlers are the lowest form of life gainesville florida

In this video, ride along with yours truly as I take a Monday recovery ride that culminates in a visit to the Embezzlers sign. Parts of this route feature on an in-town Winter training ride held on Wednesday evenings, so you’ll hear a little about that too.

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    NIce relaxing video of our local fun rides. So does this mean my recovery rides are virtual and effortless just like our after work rides? What a breakthrough! I feel so rested!

    • JOM JOM

      I am giving you a virtual rest week, between cleaning horse stalls and gardening.

  2. Avatar Beargrease

    I think there would have been a ‘mike drop’ moment if those German Shepards jumped the fence. 🙂

    • JOM JOM

      Haha not intimidated by dogs but under those circumstances, just a wee bit!

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