Ceramic Coating, Help Deflect Dirt & Mud

ceramic coating a bicycle
JOM riding a Ceramic coated TIME ADHX45 in muddy conditions

Professional Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating refers to the normally time consuming and sometimes difficult process of applying a layer of ceramic to a car. These coatings provide extreme chemical resistance. In real world use, this means water and to some extent, dirt, will not stick to paint. The difficult part lies in getting the application level, which if applied incorrectly, can create inconsistent patches across the surface of the panel you’re trying to coat. This type of coating is professional level, is best handled by a professional installer, and is accompanied with a suitable price tag. These coatings can last anywhere from two to five years, or longer.

ceramic coating a bicycle
Less mud sticks to the frame following Ceramic coating, tailights not coated.

This coating makes a car much easier to clean, far easier to dry, and the treated paint has self cleaning properties. This means, rainfall can wash away much of the dirt accumulated on the ceramic coated surface. These coatings are very resistant to UV, protecting the clear coat and hence, help to prevent paint fade.

ceramic coating a bicycle
JOM with Trek Domane Plus, ceramic coated

Amateur Ceramic Coating (great for bicycles)

Nowadays, there is a vast range of spray-on ceramic type products that contain ceramics, typically SiO2. The presence of the chemical gives the the spray some of the advantages of true professional level ceramic coatings, like their extreme hydrophobic properties, chemical resistance, etc, but their application is nowhere near as thick as professional, but, application is far easier, and generally, the coating lasts about a year. Additionally, these spray-on products are significantly cheaper.

Ceramic Coating for your Bicycle Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew talks about ceramic coating for his cars, and then, his bikes. Through real-world use as seen in this video, you can see the advantages of ceramic coating to help keep your bike cleaner, longer. Bonus, less mud and dirt stick to the frame, and clean up is far easier! Very helpful for gravel bikes!

Additional Photos

ceramic coating a bicycle
Turtle Wax Ceramic, excellent for bicycles
ceramic coating a bicycle
Turtle Wax Ceramic Detailer
ceramic coating a bicycle
Applying the Ceramic Coat
ceramic coating a bicycle
Spray onto the frame / cloth, and apply
ceramic coating a bicycle
Coating carbon disc brake rims
ceramic coating a bicycle
After drying, remove any residue with a different cloth
ceramic coating a bicycle
A little muddy, somewhere near Evansville, Indiana
ceramic coating a bicycle
Bike self-cleaning during steady rain on pavement
ceramic coating a bicycle
Time ADHX 45 almost clean of mud from riding in the rain on pavement
ceramic coating a bicycle
Bonus Photo: JOM’s ceramic coated 1971 Corvette, legit 454 LS5 4-Speed Car
ceramic coating a bicycle
Bonus Photo: JOM’s ceramic coated 2023 Challenger Hellcat Widebody,, ultra rare manual transmission

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