altangle HANGAR: Portable Bicycle Workstand

altangle hangar review
altangle Hangar

Who is altangle?

“The Biker & The Banker”

“As a collegiate cyclist, half decent mechanic, and all-around bicycle enthusiast, Squires Smith began imagining and sketching a maintenance device that he and his teammates needed, but never found. These original designs sparked several years of tweaking, modeling, and modifying, and evolved slowly into the product seen today. As is often the case, the Hangar is a product born of necessity, and fueled by passion and inspiration. While Squires began his professional career in industrial construction, he continued to develop and plan, and of course, always, to ride. Meanwhile, pursuing an alternate path as their early lives would have predicted, Scott Smith made his way through the worlds of investment banking and private equity.” –

altangle HANGAR Presentation Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew provides a demonstration of unpacking the altangle Hangar for use in a doorframe, and suspends several bikes to prove its function as a portable bicycle workstation. Finally, he demonstrates the breakdown for storage procedure.

altangle hangar review
Setting up the Hangar

Continued from Above:

“Following some long days, months and years of doing the financial grind, Squires got Scott to quit his job and join him on a bike, sharing the best thing he had to offer for a life well lived. It was there, from four tires on the road, that Altangle was launched. Capitalizing on their complementary skill sets, the Smith brothers formulated a mission to create an ‘alternative angle’ on biking and bike products.”

altangle hangar review

“The ultimate goal of Altangle is to make an amazing sport even more enjoyable and increasingly accessible to cyclists of every level. Altangle is currently introducing the first of its product line: The Hangar.”

altangle hangar review


“In its collapsed configuration, the Hangar measures 4.5” x 4.5” x 19.5” and weighs just 7 pounds, making it the most portable, compact bike maintenance station on the market.”

altangle hangar review

“The clamp arm offers 360-degree rotation with 12 lock-out points, allowing users to position their bike in whatever way is most convenient for their space or part of the bike they most need to access.”

altangle hangar review

altangle hangar review
Setup and ready to Hang!
altangle hangar review
Hanging in a convenient doorway
altangle hangar review
This Hangar be well hung
altangle hangar review
Berria Belador Allroad hanging
altangle hangar review
Rear derailleur replacement off the Hangar

Learn more at altangle’s Website.

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