VIDEO: 2017 Red Clay Ramble – Milledgeville / Eatonton, Georgia

August 19, 2017 marked the 5th running of the Red Clay Ramble, a 56-mile gravel race held in Middle Georgia, USA. This reasonably short race encourages fast gravel racing, and that was the case at the 2017 edition. JOM and the Gravel Cyclist crew of K-Dogg and Dr. Pain made the drive from Gainesville, Florida […]

Race Report: A (Crack)ing Good Time at the 2017 Red Clay Ramble

August 19, 2017 – Red Clay Ramble – a 56 mile (the full monty course) gravel race held near the town of Milledgeville, Georgia, but in reality centered around the community of Eatonton. With a claimed elevation of approximately 2,300 feet over the length of the course, it doesn’t appear to be the hardest race […]

2016 Red Clay Ramble Race Report – Single Speed Style: by Lee Henson

Red Clay Ramble 2016 – Uncle Elmer Strikes Again Red clay is as ubiquitous in Middle Georgia as toasty temperatures and high humidity are in August down there. Such red clay is generally composed of aluminum silicate sheets with some level of metal oxides (like red iron oxide) and water. On the molecular level, when […]

VIDEO: Red Clay Ramble Race 2015 – Milledgeville, Georgia

On Saturday, August 22rd, 2015, Jimbo, Rusty (aka the Headmaster) and Pfaff Daddy of the Gravel Cyclist crew attended the Red Clay Ramble in Milledgeville, Georgia. Rusty was playing cameraman and race reporter for the day, with post event video production by JOM. This was a very busy weekend, with the Gravel Cyclist crew split […]

Red Clay Ramble Race Report 2015: by Rusty Dosh

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 The Milledgeville Bicycle Club and the Milledgeville-­Baldwin Habitat for Humanity partnered for a third consecutive year for the Red Clay Ramble. The 2015 edition of the RCR brought on the addition of a new partner, Chain Buster Productions and a few minor changes, most notably being the course direction. The Red […]