VIDEO: 2017 Red Clay Ramble – Milledgeville / Eatonton, Georgia

August 19, 2017 marked the 5th running of the Red Clay Ramble, a 56-mile gravel race held in Middle Georgia, USA. This reasonably short race encourages fast gravel racing, and that was the case at the 2017 edition.

JOM and the Gravel Cyclist crew of K-Dogg and Dr. Pain made the drive from Gainesville, Florida to contest the event. JOM’s race report can be seen HERE and K-Dogg’s HERE.

As an FYI, there is a crash shown in slo-mo in this video. We are happy to report that both riders are recovering well.

Thanks for watching!

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One thought on “VIDEO: 2017 Red Clay Ramble – Milledgeville / Eatonton, Georgia

  1. Join the club Hardwick…the Inexplicable Crash Club…I did the same thing at this year’s DK200. One minute you are reveling in the group…the next you are on the ground cursing the sky.
    But you get back on the bike eventually. What else we gonna do that is so fun?

    One Trick Doggy

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