Upcoming Race – Red Clay Ramble

Signed up!  August 16, 2014, the Red Clay Ramble is happening in Milledgeville.  Milledgeville, GA, is a small town about 30 miles North East of Macon, GA. The event is organized by the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville, and the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Habitat for Humanity.

For 2014, the cycling club is holding a first-time race event, with categories for Open Men, Open Women, Masters Men (50+), Masters Women (50+) and Single Speed.  Honestly, I wish the organisers would drop the Masters racers into two groups; 40+ and 50+. However, this may be dependent on attendance.

You can read more about the event here – Red Clay Ramble

GravelCyclist.com will be in attendance, along with two other lunatics from Gainesville, Florida (K-Dogg and J. Phillips).  You can expect a race report and video.  Watch this space.


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